The World in Turmoil

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DiceIf you compared a human to a rock, the similarities of how we become who we become apparent in time.  What makes us what we are today, is how we were shaped as time moved on.  Things that happened to us would add dirt or remove some surface over time.  The people we interact with can change our shape ever so slightly or tragic events can remove larger portions, turning us into a different shape completely.

I’m a man of many many thoughts.  I have a huge array of talents.  I have so many moods these days it would make most peoples head spin trying to keep up with me.  I have had my share of triumphs and tragedies.  In some cases, more tragedies than one person should ever withstand.  Still I am who I am.  I don’t intend to change.  I think of myself as a decent person, though I’ve grown weary in trying to trust others.  I don’t see that changing.  My rock has become more like a multi-sided die.  One I constantly roll to see what comes up next.

I have witnessed the world I live in.  A world in complete turmoil and I don’t understand why so many choose to watch the world fall apart rather than do something.  But before my rock turns to dust, I want to see it set right.

Suddenly everything is wrong.  When all my life it was fine.  People are now telling you to change how you think, how you talk, how you act.  Otherwise you are a racist, insensitive, micro-violent person.  What the actual fuck?  If you don’t immediately agree with these people they will throw a temper tantrum and lose their shit over it.  Having opinions of your own is not allowed.  You are no longer allowed to speak your mind.

These people want to take your right to free speech.

What’s worse is the government and businesses are jumping on board to bow down to all this incredible nonsense.

Two years ago, if you told me you were gay, I’d say cool and move on with my life.  If you told me you aren’t a woman but a man-goat, I would raise an eyebrow and shake my head and walk away.  I wouldn’t irritate you with your life choices.  Doesn’t mean I believe in any of it.  To me it’s a mental sickness.  Dr. Cretella breaks it down in this video.

But I left you alone to live your life as you choose.  Now you come to me and threaten me if I don’t change my ways and agree with how you see life.  No, I won’t.  I’ll fight.  If you do it to a child, it’s child abuse.  If they want to do it, fine.  Let them grow up first.

I’m glad I live in a small town.  I used to live in a larger city.  Right now that city is experiencing riots and protests.  The media will tell you it’s peaceful.  Yet you can search the internet and find it’s far from it.  Someone is controlling what the majority sees.

Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter Rioters are trying to change the world and they are doing it through violence and fear.  What makes them any better than any other extreme terrorist groups?

Yes, bad cops should be removed and punished.  But de-funding or disbanding the police completely is a moronic idea.  You think things are bad now?  Strap the fuck in, it’s going to get worse if you do that.

Unfortunately, if these loopy Leftists and Libtards get their way, the police will no longer be around to help.  You’ll have to protect yourself or lay down and die.  Neither are good choices.  If the Right and the Conservatives don’t get off their asses soon, it’s going to be up to the rest of us to handle the situation.  It may be a very long, lawless winter.  Are you prepared?

These people want to take your right to protect yourself and your loved ones.

And because we didn’t do what we should’ve done when these radical youths were children.  This is what we get.

This is insanity.

We could have stopped them at age six with a spanking.

We could have stopped them at age 15 with a school expulsion.

We could have stopped them at age 20 with principled professors who stood their ground.

We could have stopped them two weeks ago with the simple application of local police. But that was somehow deemed “racist.”

Now we’re going to have to stop them with force. Otherwise, we will be ruled by a crybully class of screaming sociopaths who destroy everything in their path.

I have my beliefs and you don’t get to tell me what I’ve known all my life to be true is wrong just because you have feelings.

These nutjobs are destroying the Nuclear Family.  These unhinged children are trying to erase history in the name of “racism”.  Tradition is being removed in place of some world where bathroom designations are a national issue.

We are not going to change the world back by posting videos and writing things on Facebook.  Or even a blog.

I only write here to warn you, I will stand up for my freedoms.  I want my America back.