Look Twice

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Look TwiceI just want to say I love motorcycles.  I spent much of my youth on power lines trails and dirt roads and trails.  I even hit the road a few times.  My best friend had a motorcycle, a street bike and he never once offended me with his riding.  I was more of a off-road/enduro kind of guy.

I want to say most bikers don’t bother me, but that would mean the majority follow the rules or are at the very least considerate.  I’m gonna have to say … maybe 50/50 or more like 40/60 with the minority number being the good guys.  A lot of riders turn into assholes from the moment their bum hits the seat.

I was planning on using footage from my dash cam to prove my point with a video, but it got fried in the summer sun last year.  I have yet to replace it, but I caught all sorts of moving violations…  Here’s some examples.

When it comes to motorcyclists, it seems the white and yellow lines on the roads are not to keep you in your lane.  They are specifically for the motorcycles so they can go twice as fast through traffic.

If you’re in a group of motorcycles, you can run red lights and stop signs.

Harley riders love that loud engine sounds.  It doesn’t matter it’s well over 120dB (decibels).  Did you know you can lose your hearing if sound is over 80dB?  But it gets louder if they are going under a bridge?  Motorcyclists live by some apparently mandatory rules for loud pipes.

And you as a rider must follow these strict rules for making sure everyone knows you’re right next to them:

  • You must rev your engine sitting still.
  • You must rev your engine when there is a baby sleeping; whether it’s in the car or in the house nearby.
  • Revving your engine next to a car is a must.
  • Also regularly in private neighborhoods where many people are sleeping because they work nights and you’re driving during the day.
  • Also rev your engine if there’s a migraine sufferer nearby.

Remember to always look twice, because (most) motorcyclist are assholes.