Mid 2020 Updates

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Yeah updates are lacking lately as nothing really fun is going on.  Unfortunately the last several posts have been rather negative.  I really didn’t want to continue down that road as the world is in enough trouble with riots, screwy laws and hyper-obsessive politicians.

So just some words as to the few things happening in my life.  Some are exciting, others are exciting to just me I suppose.

So as mentioned a few times, besides working myself into the ground, this plandemic has been rather good in the income department.  Thus I’m looking to buy a house finally.  Meaning I’ve rebuilt my credit completely and have a loan approval.  Hard part is finding something I can afford in the location I want.

My music collection is nearly complete, just waiting on things to get shipped to the distributor so they can ship them to me.  I gave up on the amp cabinet from Germany.  It’s been almost 3 months and nothing.  I’m sure they all blame Covid.  I’ve been up and at’em every day since the start.  I find that no excuse.  Of course I have to wait until said house is bought so I can actually put them up to play them.

I’ve actually made a new friend 😊  It’s kind of exciting to me.  I haven’t made any true friends in a number of years.  I can say one I made years ago actually remembered my birthday, unlike some relatives I have.  My new friend is a budding writer and I’ve managed to read some of her work.  Very impressive!  And I’m not saying that just to suck-up.  It’s really good.

It’s been 7 months since I finally ditched World of Warcraft for The Elder Scrolls Online.  I’m totally happy there.  I can finally lay my old toons to rest.  I know, I know…  I’ve said that so many times before and end up running back.  I swear to the good lord above, this time I’m done.

Introducing the new Theodas!

Theodas Bloodthorn – Necromancer/Vampire
Theona Helwood – Sorcerer/Vampire

Anyway, that’s about it.  Still waiting for things to settle down so I can spend more time with the kids.  Seems like I’m always waiting for a chance to do that.  Hopefully things will happen positively soon.  I’ve become insanely impatient for all the nonsense to end and resume life as I know it.