Big Business vs Small Business

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Big Business vs Small BusinessI really miss my old job (small company).  I really hate my current one (large chain).


When you work for a large chain or major corporation.  You feel as if your dealing with an Overlord or a group of Masters who dominate your every move.

They micromanage every detail of your work life and you can easily tell that decisions made in the upper ranks were done via a board meeting made up of people who haven’t worked in the real world in a very long time.  Because things passed down and pushed upon their workers makes little to no sense at times.

When I worked in a large company, I didn’t have my own desk.  I didn’t even have a cubicle.  I had a half cubicle shared thing.  So when I sat at my desk, it was also someone else’s desk.

You have to wear similar clothing to everyone else.  Or in the case of a large chain, you have to wear a uniform.  God forbid you forgot your hat.  You’ll have a manager up your ass about it in moments.  Sometimes multiple managers.  You do this enough times, and they will write you up for the offense.  It’s a fucking hat.  As long as I have a hat that’s non-offensive, it shouldn’t be cause for an uproar.  But if you do this enough times, you’ll be fired for it.  Doesn’t mean two shits if you are on time, all the time; never miss work and always do a good or better job.  You violated the uniform guide and that’s enough to replace you with Joe Idiot who always comes to work dressed right even though he’s dumb as a rock and is always late.

Large companies have reports and sometimes daily expectations of production and time management.  You have to produce so much in so little time or you are no longer worth it.  You must do this with pinpoint accuracy.  Don’t forget the TPS cover sheet 😉

Everything you do gets wrapped up in a book you get when you’re hired.  They call it an Employee Handbook.  It’s the rules for the one ring they wear to rule you.  You don’t even get a ring unless it’s part of your retirement package.  You’re just meat that makes money for the overlords.

The calls..  The freaking calls.  I’m constantly being called if I can come in early because work is so behind because of all the…  call outs!!  No one really enjoys being a peon in a big company or large corporate chain.  So inevitably, people call out.  When they do, the person who is reliable gets abused by always calling on them to cover the missing work.  They will tell you it’s because they appreciate you.  How can anyone feel appreciated when they are simply worked to death?  That’s not appreciation, it’s abuse.  Want to appreciate someone?  Give them a bonus at random.  Or a token gift.

For the dumbest of reasons many times:

  • Mentally sick
  • Have important personal business (is actually streaming gamer who forgot his/her schedule promised to their viewers)
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend is sick and I need to take care of them
  • I’m overwhelmed at home
  • I thought it was my day off
  • I only got 2 hours of sleep because of a party I was at last night
  • I broke my phone and had to get a new one right away

To name only a few…


When you work for a small business.  You know the owner, you get to have conversations and give feedback so that your daily job is more sensible and at times comfortable.  More often than not, you get to know their spouse and children.  Even get invited to a cookout or a drink once in a while.

Generally speaking, you can come to work in any decent clothing you own.  So long as it’s not some crap offensive shirt or jeans with holes in them.

I’ve had my own workspace in most instances.  Nice office and desk.  My own workstation.  I even used to bring my laptop with me daily to help handle things at one of my jobs.

Customers have a more pleasant experience as you really get to know them.  You can recall things about them in a business that doesn’t deal with thousands of nameless faces.  When a customer does have a problem, you as the peon have so much more power to make them happy.  Because you know what your boss would do as you’ve gotten to know them and the customer.

I will always prefer working at a small business.  You feel like part of a family.  Everyone is respected and appreciated.  Corporate and large chains are just overloads with minions under their feet.

I don’t recall to many call outs at small businesses unless they were legit.  My last small business I worked from home for the last 3 years. My boss was so kind to me, he let me move to a different state and spent money on a business license and such so that I could still work for him.  That is amazing.  No big business would do that unless you had some serious clout.

Working from home, I couldn’t call out unless I was heading to the hospital.  But I wouldn’t do that to a small business I enjoyed working for anyway.  I’m the kind of person that will suck it up and work when I’m sick, but not sick enough to see a doctor.  In the past 5 years, I’ve called out once.

Big companies I’ve worked for rarely give out bonuses unless you’ve somehow gone above and beyond to make them more money.  Small businesses often give you a gift or a small bonus check simply to show they really like having you as an employee.

Small businesses make you feel important and part of the overall experience.  I love and miss that feeling.