Mysteries of Life

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Detective DennyWell the mysteries of my life anyway.  Things I don’t understand why they keep happening.  Yet, for some forsaken reason beyond even my genius level of knowledge, they do.

Contacting Me

During conversations, I end up telling people who somehow manage to be involved in my life, when I work.  It never seems to fail though.  As soon as I clock into my work, my phone starts blowing up with texts from family and calls from my medical providers.

Same thing happens when I think I’m totally alone for an hour if you catch my drift.

Same thing happens when I’m trying to catch some early sleep because I was up at the crack of dawn.  Or I want to sleep in because I didn’t come home until 2am.

However, when I have nothing going on at all.  {insert sound of crickets}

Bluffing Me

People love to tell me they read all my posts.  Yet when I posted months ago I had left Google and Facebook…  It wasn’t until just a week or so ago when people finally started to notice I was gone.

“Did you delete your Facebook?”

….and I couldn’t be happier.  About leaving Facebook that is.  The fact they don’t actually read my site just proves to me they are too lazy to make the extra two clicks to bookmark/favorite my site, and visit it once a week.

Being Where I Am

Doesn’t seem to matter if I’m on a deserted road or in the busiest shop.  Wherever I am, that’s where someone else wants to be.  I’m pulling onto a road that gets little to no traffic, yet just as I get to the corner, I have to wait for the one lone car coming.

I’m at Walmart.  I don’t mess around when I’m there.  I get what I need and get out before the drooling zombie monkeys can get me.  I go to grab a can of beans and an arm reaches in front of me to get one too.  Like what the fuck folks?  Back the fuck off.

Being a Massive Pain in My Ass

So…  when I moved in my current place.  It was only suppose to be for a couple of months or so.  Life had other plans and my savings got eaten by my truck.

Thus I’m still here.  Hopefully not for much longer 😉

In that time I ended up talking to the neighbor girl.  I can’t remember if she was already here when I moved in, or if she moved in after me.  Anyway, she seemed a bit different, and I didn’t really say much.

As time went on, we started talking and I would constantly offend her.  I have a dark humor of which I’m proud of.  I make people laugh.  She’s one of those proud, “I’ve been saved from my wicked ways Baptists.”.  Fine.  I try to get along as she is my neighbor.

Time goes on she would go with me on my exercise walks even though I tend to piss her off.  On occasion I’d invite her to hang out and watch a sunset.  Or get ice cream.  I’m just trying to be a friendly person.  I’m over relationships and just want to be content in my new MGTOW life.  Frankly I pretty much am.  Except I could use a FWB, that is hopefully involved else-wise so I don’t have to worry about them becoming clingy.

After a year of this weird hey lets hang out then not want to talk to me because I made a dark or dirty joke as I do thing.  I get a text saying, “I think I’m in trouble.”.


She likes me.  I had no idea to what extent, but she happened to catch me when I was feeling lonely being new to the not wanting a relationship thing.  I said, we can date.

It lasted three weeks.  Three weeks.  During which time she was a completely different person.  Someone I knew nothing about.  I spent the whole time confused.  This was not the innocent Baptist girl I met.

During that time, I had to stop her from telling me she loved me.  She had already mentioned the possibility of marriage; even though she knew I didn’t want to get married again.  And holy shit clingy.  I did not feel the same.  I did not feel anything for her.  Other than I really wished I would’ve said no to dating.

So I confess I didn’t feel anything and that we should just remain friends.  I should’ve known that wasn’t going to happen.  A few more weeks went by and she would come over and watch me play drums or whatever.  But she couldn’t hide her tears of still wanting to be with me.  Or I’d hear softly spoken words of, “I just don’t understand.”.  Then she’d try to do something I hate.  I mean really hate.  Tickling me.

It only took 2-3 times of this before I got so pissed off I finally said, “Go find something else to do!”, and I damn near pushed her out my door.

Since then I avoid her.  I don’t make eye contact.  I don’t speak to her.  I blocked her on my phone.  I think people today call that Ghosting.  I don’t know how else to deal with it as she just didn’t listen to me.  Ever heard of no means no?


  • I don’t want to date
  • I don’t want you touching me
  • I don’t want anything to do with you anymore

I’ve always wanted a girl to be crazy about me.  Not be bat-shit crazy 😳

Unfortunately she lives next door.  I take deliveries to her work and for some reason she now works when I do.  She used to work opposite shifts of me.  She knows when I work just by my truck being gone for more than an hour.

Recently she saw me at her work and tried to get me to talk.  I quickly said, “hi” and left without breaking my stride.  The other night she ordered food from my work.  I made sure a different driver took it.

Just leave me alone, please.  For fuck sake.