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Passive AmericaI can’t understand this country anymore.

What happened to George Floyd was horrible and I am 100% behind his murderer, Derek Chauvin being sent to prison.  I’m sure his fellow inmates will make him feel welcome in the most horrible way.  But what I can’t understand is all the rioting. Why isn’t law enforcement stopping this shit?  So many business owners livelihoods are being destroyed over this.

Breonna Taylor was an abomination.  A complete fuck up by the police.  But we can’t condemn all police as bad.  Just like taking guns away from lawful citizens won’t stop criminal activity.  Ever.  We must punish the bad when we catch them.  We must train and move forward.

This nonsense we have going on now just seeks to tear the country apart.  You can’t tell me that the riots are in any way a positive thing.  They have ruined lives and businesses.  They are no better than the police who have wrongly taken and ruined lives recently.

What are the protests doing?  I’m told to raise awareness.  Awareness of what?  Assholes are among us?  Just like so many other things, assholes are everywhere and have always been among us.  You weed them out the best you can when they get out of hand.  If you can make a working asshole detector, then none of us would have to work with them.  Awareness of racism?  We are aware.  However, like so many other issues, it will likely never go away completely.  There will always be someone who refuses to accept something.  Whether it’s race, sexuality or constitutionally protected rights.  Or a great many other things.  Sometimes things go wrong and that’s why we have a justice system.  It’s not perfect.  Find a country that has a perfect system.  You won’t.

But lets be honest.  Would this happen if George was Asian?  Or Native American?  Or White?  Probably we wouldn’t have heard too much about it.  So no other lives matter?  Just black ones?  I’m sure that’s not the message, but the chant of Black Lives Matter makes it feel like any other color does not.  Isn’t that a form of racism?

This made me chuckle.  The riots are destroying businesses and business owner lives.  So what is the first thing they do?  Put up notices on their websites about how they are working to stop racism.

I am reminded that Churches, restaurants and barber shops are still not fully open or have been arrested for giving hair cuts.  But rioters get a free pass to do as they like.  WTF?

I further don’t understand destroying monuments or rebranding long known items just in the name of racism.  It’s history.  If anything it’s what we learn from to remind us we have come a long way.

Then there is this stupid shit of C.H.A.Z.

I hear my co-workers say CHAZ will fail in due time.  I can’t help but think those whose lives are being put on hold, or destroyed because of this would like to see some good old fashioned American ass-kicking of these punks.  This wait and see mentality has got me baffled.

We are so passive now.  Let the looters and rioters do their thing.  Let some kids take over a portion of America.  Hell, perhaps others will follow suit and America will slowly break apart into thousands of small CHAZ nations.  Those being hurt over this?  Fuck em.  Let them suffer.  Is that what we are going for now?

If it is, I can’t help but wonder.  What do other nations think of us right now.  We can’t control our shit?  Maybe we are weak right now.  Our pants are down.  Other countries love it when we don’t see things coming.  Is another 9/11 coming while we act like morons?

Or worse, the government enacts Marshal Law?  Oh that would be a great America to wake up to 😠

If I live long enough, I wonder if I can be content in the new totalitarian states of America under the rule of the Leftocrats.