Goodbye Foamy

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Goodbye Foamy

Today we lay to rest our Lord and Master.  Foamy.   He was swept up in the whirlwind of Coronatard-ness.  While is body remains, his mind is forever lost and would be better off as roadkill.

There are far too many bits of misleading and false information about the Coronavirus.  Sadly people who watch the media, tend to believe everything they hear as absolute facts.  I’ve loved Foamy for many, many years.  But this video has made me lose respect and faith in someone I once thought was more like myself than almost anyone I had ever known.  It’s a shame.

I said it before.  It’s a shiny object to distract us while they fuck our liberties away.  There are far worse things that kill way more people and we have done little to prevent them.


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