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Denny RantsIt seems the population around here is done with this Stay Home – Stay Safe sentiment.  Our restaurant is busier now in the off-season than it normally is during Christmas.  Last weekend we were down to 4 people working the kitchen, one person on the phone and when the day driver had enough, would leave me to be the only driver for the rest of the night.  Deliveries taking sometimes over 2 hours and pissing people off.

In the past week town has pretty much returned to normal as far as people out and about.  Sure many of the sit down restaurants are closed, but you go to Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and Meijer and there are plenty of assholes to be found.  The streets are flooded with cars as if the height of tourism had arrived.  Every fast food restaurant has cars parked around the building waiting for the drive-thru.  Even our Dairy Queen, which I never see more than 4 cars, has cars waiting around the laundry mat parking to the entrance from Wisconsin St.

Yet I still break my ass and go home in pain, because none of these lazy fucks can stay home as ordered and fucking cook for themselves!  Which affects the few people we have left to run our store in return.  At this point we have lost 2/3 of our people.  Some are on Leave of Absence (LOA), some are actually sick, some just don’t give a fuck anymore and call in sick.  One quit.  I sincerely don’t blame him.  Last night not one motherfucking co-worker could be bothered to stay 15 minutes to help clean up.  Instead they walked out right at 8pm and left everything a shit hole.  Leaving myself and one other person to do the entire store.  I stayed and helped the inside person after my own duties were completed and was still there until 10:45.  With my knee throbbing in pain.  Felt almost as if I had just injured it and stupid me finished out my shift.

All the while I’m thinking to myself how I wish I was self-quarantined.  I’d like to make full pay, and and extra $600 per week to sit on my ass and order delivery.  Well, I would actually cook for myself, as I next to never order delivery.  I, unlike the rest of the assholes in this town, have plenty of stuff to keep me entertained.  I can play my instruments, write something that isn’t anger filled on my blog (fourth wall break), watch movies, play video games, organize my storage unit to be able to find things better when I need them and so much more.

But no.  I’m fucking essential and have a guilty conscience of not being the ass-hat that bails on his co-workers.

God forbid we close down for a week to let the few of us recuperate from the hellish amount of business.  No, no, no…  Can’t turn down the almighty dollar for our overlords.

Once this nonsense is over, I’m going to seek out disability.  I can’t find a job in my field in this tourist trap.  The ones I apply for, won’t even call me because I’m handicap.  I can’t stand for long periods or lift over 25 pounds.  I’m going to use that time to finally focus on my health and get some regular exercise.  Fuck this killing myself for others and working fucked up hours.