This is Bullshit!

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BullshitI’m tired of being “essential”.  Half of my work force is at home playing video games, ordering take-out and raking in their full paychecks plus $600 on top from unemployment.  While I get to deliver the same crap food to potentially sick people.  Sure I wash and wear gloves.  I don’t do the mask thing as with Asthma it’s hard enough to breathe.

What makes me even more angry is even though I’m a high health risk, not even my doctor suggests I also stay home.  I’ve had some bad days unfortunately because of my stomach not wanting to play ball, not sure why, but for the most part I have yet to call in sick.  I’ve just been sent home because symptoms I normally don’t complain about are on the check list to even get in my building to work.  Fine by me.  I’ll admit I’m jealous of the lazy fucks.

Let’s be honest, those of you scared to death of this thing need to realize that other things kill way more people every year.  (Info provided from

  • Cardiovascular Diseases – Estimated 17.9 million yearly
  • Smoking – Estimated 8 million yearly
  • Cancer – in 2018: 9.6 million worldwide
  • Car crashes – 2016: 1.35 million
  • Diabetes – worldwide in 2016: 1.6 million

We aren’t banning smoking and cars, or mandating exercise and healthy diets.  Let’s not forget that it’s an election year.  Hmmm (rubs chin).  Did you know we’ve had a pandemic every election year since 2004?  (Info provided from

  • Sars – 2004
  • Bird flu – 2008
  • Swine flu – 2010
  • Mers – 2012
  • Ebola – 2014
  • Zika Virus – 2016
  • Ebola (part 2) – 2018
  • COVID-19 – 2020

Yet for some reason this time it’s shut the world down and panic?  Seems strange to me.  Seems like the Democrats and Leftists want to see if they can bring Trump down this way.  I mean the impeachment went so well…

Yet I think he’s done well.  Not stellar, but well.  It’s hard to work when everyone is trying their hardest to keep you down.  It’s like plowing a field when you can’t deal with all the flies in your face.  A good farmer gets it done no matter what.  I’m a smart man, and have many talents.  I don’t have what it takes to do what a farmer does.  I don’t have the balls Trump does.  He’s not a perfect man, but he’s the best man for the job at hand despite the opposition.

But what’s really, really pissing me off is the liberals and leftists using this pandemic to distract the general populous while fucking us all in the ass and destroying our god given, constitutionally protected rights.  It’s like holding up a ball to a dog and saying, “Look!  Look at the ball!”, while the doctor cuts his testicles off.

Our first and second amendment rights are being obliterated under the guise of a world-wide panic.  Our stimulus package (part 4) has wording to remove our gun rights.  We are forced to stay at home with the promise that’s it’s in our best health interests.  That’s not a quarantine if you aren’t sick.  It’s a scare tactic to put you in house arrest.  Stripping your first amendment rights by not allowing you to speak out.  Suddenly all sorts of government representatives have emergency powers.  Which they have used to shutdown businesses, schools and your right to protect yourself.  So there they have your second amendment rights in their hands.  They plan to crush them.

Your right to make a living is quashed because you might get sick.  You might die.  I’ve already shown you there are far more dangerous things out there.  So why this?  Your 5th amendment is withheld.  But it’s OK if you don’t want to cook or have stores to keep sustenance at home in case of an emergency.  Essential workers and fast food will hop to your demands.  Yes, that was sarcasm.  What an odd thing to keep fast food alive.  God I pray to find a new job soon.  I digress.  More info here.

The media has most people fooled.  The left (and a handful of the right) are coming for your rights and we need to stop them.  Protect the constitution, protect your god-given rights.  If we don’t, they will take them away completely.

But they’ll pacify you with money in the short term.  Just to keep you from noticing what’s really going on.  Hence I’m still working even though I could just sit at home and collect that money (oh I’m trying, but I doubt I’ll get any – save for the $1200 everyone got).