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VirusHey all.  I hope everyone reading is doing well and your health and well being is not affected by the Coronavirus or COVID-19.  Especially my friends and family.

As for myself I don’t know if my health is affected as of this time.  I’m still working, actually getting full hours and overtime.  Unfortunately it’s because a few of my co-workers are on home quarantine as they are showing signs of the virus.  Though to be honest I wish I were self-quarantined like so many others.

My job forces me to deal with a lot of people face to face.  Of course the sick or potentially sick aren’t smart enough to refrain from wanting to order food and have it delivered to their home, motel room or work.  Even though I wear gloves and use strong hand sanitizer between each delivery, I’d rather stay home and play it even safer.

Plus I still have remnants of my head cold from about 6 weeks ago.  I simply can’t seem to shake this dry tickling cough.  The dryness of yet another snow fall and high winds doesn’t help.

But hey, let’s not let an pandemic of a potentially fatal virus stop my work from making that all mighty dollar.  I know what you’re going to say.  Think of the money you’ll make!  You know people, life isn’t all about money.  I do have savings and a contingency plan for when times get tough.  For a person like me, I don’t like gambling with my life and health.  So in a way I hope I don’t get COVID-19, but I wouldn’t mind my head cold to come back just so I can have an excuse to take a little vacation.  Avoiding all the unnecessary human contact.