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Denny HandicapSo in the issue of no one seems to want to hire me, I’ve begun to prepare to possibly apply for disability.  Of course I want all things documented and I started emailing my doctor about it.  One thing is I now have arthritis issues.  But it’s not on paper yet it seems.  Even though my Chiropractor diagnosed one in my back, and the knee doctor in Detroit diagnosed the other.  Plus my hands have had issues during the winter that was talked about but never diagnosed officially via email.  Weather prevented me from seeing a doctor at the time.  Now they tell me that in order for my diagnosis to be official, I cannot do it through the VA healthcare system.  The SSI department won’t recognize the diagnosis from them.  So here is my email/vent to the VA.

What an odd thing that they won’t accept your diagnosis. Last I checked the office is staffed with genuine doctors, nurses and licensed phlebotomists. Just like any other doctor office. Why would they (the government) treat you like a chiropractor (some claim they aren’t real doctors)? I’ll tell you who the voodoo doctors are, Physical Therapists. Ride a bike for 10 minutes then do a crab walk while shaking a rain-stick. Just never had any luck with PT’s. Granted Chiropractic is a hunt to find the one who cares and isn’t a crook. I digress though. I mean I lost my discount for standard healthcare through the moment I signed up for VA healthcare. So you’re all a guy like me can afford. Sometimes I think this system is designed to work against vets. Like thank you for your service, now go quietly die somewhere. I panic at the thought of ending up in the hospital again. I’ve no idea what the consequences for that would be to me financially. I’m not blaming the VA. Despite all the long travels for care, the VA has been good to me. I’m mad at the government saying they won’t take your word for vets who are starting to see an end without hope. I don’t want to be disabled. But if no one will hire me, what else can I do? I can only apologize so much for being broken. Just to do my job now, I need regular sit down periods. (hence I do delivery) I wear a knee brace daily to keep walking stability. I wear soul crushing socks to keep my heart from giving out. I’m a walking pharmacy with the meds I take. Sometimes I keep my blood pressure cuff in the truck with me because I feel bad and want to be sure my heart isn’t just giving up. I wish I could take regular walks daily, but I work stupid hours. I wish I could eat healthier, but my fridge is 3 feet tall. Don’t get me started on the lack of affordable housing in Northern Michigan. I live in a motel. Sorry I just felt like venting. Don’t get a lot of social interaction as of late. Seems I only attract stupid people and they are hard to converse with. In short, do you have a suggestion for me to get tested outside of the VA without taking out a personal loan to pay for it?

Sadly I was not given any real helpful information as to what to do next.  If anyone has an idea please let me know.

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