Les Paul’s Are Heavy

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Denny Guitar III’ve pretty much spent the last 17 months looking for a new job.  More intently since Christmas when my hours got slashed at work.  I can tell you now that Equal Opportunity is a lie.  As soon as they find out I can’t stand for more than 30 minutes or lift more than 20lbs, my application goes in the trash.  If it’s during an interview, you can tell from that point it’s all generic questions until they can give you the, “We’ll be in touch soon with our decision.”.  Yeah right.  Though I have some hope for getting a position with MDOT as it’s a desk job mostly.  So I never mentioned my limitations as it shouldn’t be an issue.

On the up side, I’ve gotten most of my hours back in the past two weeks.  Maybe I can keep them.  I don’t want to get too excited as it could change again.  Plus I’m pretty much working nights now.  I fear doing too much during the day so as to not got in spent of energy.

In other news, I took a nice drive yesterday with a friend from work to Saginaw.  I wanted to go visit a decent music store.  The one here sells off brand instruments.  I guess because kids are broke or something.  Though they have been busier than I remember.  Anyways…

We had a good time just bullshitting and laughing.  My goal was to see about getting a guitar that didn’t feel like a lead weight around my neck after 30 minutes.  Les Paul Guitars are hella-heavy.  Even though mine was the lesser version that you rarely ever see professional musicians use, Epiphone.  Most Les Paul lovers are into the insanely priced Gibson versions.  Which I understand are even heavier.  My guitar was damn near 11 pounds.  That’s like 1.5 gallons of milk strung around your neck.  It doesn’t seem like much in numbers, but just having the dead weight gets cumbersome after a while.  Plus I never liked the muddy tone it gave me.  I guess the lower quality pickups are to blame for that.

Let me just say that some things should never be bought on the internet.  You need to be able to see, touch and test if possible before purchasing.  Some things like musical instruments, cars, food and clothing.  I mean Carvana to me, is just a horrible idea.  Especially in rural, no man land areas.  I want to test drive and see everything before I make a purchase.  I want to test out the play-ability of an instrument or try on the jeans before I have to say no.  I don’t want to play ship it back I don’t like it.  I bought my Les Paul online.  Never going to do that again.  It’s not a bad guitar, it’s just not a guitar I really liked after getting it.  So I sold it to another friend who is young and strong.  He can deal with the weight better.  I gave him a good deal and hopefully he likes the tone it has.  He’s into different music than me, so he might love it.

But people are lazy and gravitate to whatever makes it so they don’t have to work for anything.  Hence things like Carvana will probably thrive.  Me, I’ll drive two hours to get a good deal.  Besides I tried ordering a musical instrument over the internet.  I was never truly happy with it.  Thank god for music stores.

So I now have a quality Paul Reed Smith guitar.  It sounds amazing and is half the weight.  Plus I got $100 off as they were having a coupon deal for shopping in store.  See image above for how it looks 😊

One thing we noticed on our adventure, was that in Saginaw, there is no snow.  None.  Not a flake.  It sucked to drive back to Gayrock.  Knowing we still have it and more will come.  Referring back to the lazy fuckers of the world, I have to deal trying to get up un-shoveled steps to do my job.  I mean if you are going to live here.  And invite someone to your home to bring you things; perhaps take 5 minutes to shovel off your steps!  I’m not above sitting in my truck and letting you know I’m not going to injure myself if you let your shit get covered with ice.  You can come meet me you lazy fuck.