Locking Down Privacy

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Locking Down PrivacyProbably the first time in history I’ve kept a New Years Resolution.  But I did exactly what I said I would and regained my privacy from the two largest offenders of privacy rights on the internet.  Am I fully off the grid?  No, and likely will never be as our world evolves into a prying eyes society.

China watches every move their citizens make.  That’s a horrifying thought.  But even our ‘government phones’ for the poor have the Chinese spyware pre-loaded and likely activated.  So if you wanted a cheap phone, you got it.  I hear rumor all inexpensive Android based phones will have this soon.  You may not like Apple, but they don’t let outsiders fuck with their code.  If it sneaks in, they do patch it.  Rumor has it that cheap phones aren’t alone now, all Samsung devices have it too.  Just think I have owned a high end Samsung, cheap ZTE and others.  I’m glad I switched.  Not saying my phone is invulnerable.  In fact, someday it’s likely all our phones will spy on us.  They will tell you it’s for your safety and overall good for the people.  It’s insane.  Plain and simple.

It doesn’t stop there, even your fancy Nest and Ring security and doorbell systems spy on you.

This is why my security camera does not use third party storage.  It’s not popular or easy to run, but it’s direct to me.  Less chance to be hacked.  But clearly if you use a big company, they just turn on you or allow you to be hacked and blame you for not using stronger passwords if you find out.

This means your security is spying on me when I come to your door.  I don’t appreciate it.  If I don’t get a new job soon, I’ll start asking you to come to my car to get your food if I see a Ring doorbell.

You may say, “But I use Ring to stop package thieves.”.  Well you likely pay their $100 a year plan.  I pay $80 a year for a Post Office Box.  Never have I lost a package to a thief.  Just saying.  And their cameras only spy on me when I’m in the Post Office.  Plus it gives my home more anonymity as no one knows my home address.

If you haven’t noticed I have dumped Google and though I’m sure they have backups of my info, I still took painful steps to erase my history with them.  All my files and services linked to them.  Same thing with Facebook.  I spent hours removing the nonsense.

So yeah you won’t see me on Facebook anymore.  Hopefully it’s not to hard to bookmark my website on your phone or computer.  Or you could just add my RSS Feed https://www.castlerain.com/feed/ to your phone and be alerted to any new posts.  I’ve submitted my site to Apple News for review.  But you can install an RSS feed app if that doesn’t work out.