The Elder Scrolls Online

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Theodas RelwofUp until now I’d either quit World of Warcraft because they rearrange the skills system, or add Panda’s, or I’m alone, or bored, or ______ fill in the blank.  Though every time I quit, I’d never find a new game that fulfills my needs.  I even swore once I quit gaming for good.  Who the hell was I kidding?

I would just come crawling back to WoW as nothing else seemed to fit me.  I’ve tried countless games; Dragon Age, Rift, Villagers and Heroes, Lord of the Rings, Neverwinter, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Lineage II, Final Fantasy XIV, Tera, Everquest II, Red Dead Online, GTA Online and more. Even my old Runes of Magic, lost it’s, well… magic.

Since Activision took over, WoW has been on a downward spiral.  When you take a step back and look at it, the game coding is pure crap now.  The overall goal of the game is nothing but a grind-fest.  You endlessly grind for gear, reputation, mounts, pets, achievements and so on…  Some of these things you do for years and years.  That’s just insane.

To make it a shorter story…   All in all, Activision has destroyed Blizzard.

But this time, is in fact the last.  I’m done with what’s left of Blizzard and World of Hey Let’s Change Every Dammed Thing and Create Shit…. Craft.

So watching a streamer who started playing The Elder Scrolls Online and talking about it on his videos on YouTube, I decided to give it a second go.  I tried once before and hated it.  That was when it was new.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a much more polished game now.  It only took me a few minutes of thinking to get most of the idea how to play.  Action targeting is actually fun if you give it a chance.  Not sure if I’d ever want tabbed targeting back.  In short, I’ve fallen in love with The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • It’s not overly complicated
  • The graphics are far better
  • You get to fight actual Dragons!!!
  • You can craft end-game gear rather than grind for it if you desire
  • The quests are more intriguing and immersive
  • The quests are all voiced!!!  Gives you serious depth
  • The world is gorgeous
  • Player housing done right!

Granted there are cat and lizard people.  I’ll take that over fucking pandas any damned day!