Being an iPhone Convert

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iPhone XR BlueIt’s been just over 6 months since I switched to iPhone.  All in the name of retaining more of my privacy.  I think I switched at the right time.  Had I done it 4 years ago, I probably would still hate iPhone’s.  I can now say with all certainty, they are in fact, amazing phones.  I’ve been very, very happy about my switch.  It made me miss my Mac Book Pro.  I’ve even fiddled with the idea of a Mac Mini as a machine to toy with when I’m not gaming or doing things that I love using my custom build computer for.

Yes that’s my actual iPhone to the right (or above on mobile) ➡

I’m not going to start chanting iPhone’s are better.  They do have way better privacy.  I already covered that.  The functionality is the same of an Android.  Some things make more sense, others do not.  One of the best things about iPhone is they don’t contain bloatware apps that you don’t need.  Even the few apps it comes with are removable.  You can turn off all location info if you like.  Though some apps won’t work without it.  So being selective takes more time, but worth it.

But this thing has been insanely reliable.  Rarely have to bother rebooting it.  Battery life is out of this world.  Even my fancy Samsung 8 Active couldn’t keep battery life like this.  I can use the phone all day long and most days I’m still over 80% battery when I go to bed.

Frankly I don’t miss Android at all.  Or any other phone I’ve had.

My Windows phone would read and let me dictate my texts.  iPhone does too.  No extra apps or tools.  Siri has been improved a lot since the old days of all the comparison videos.  Windows phone also had pretty damn good cameras, especially on their high end phones.  iPhone you can make a movie on.

I can say yes, with my Android I could do anything an iPhone can do.  Still true.  But for the cost I didn’t feel it was worth it.  Low end Androids however, after several months would start to feel sluggish and run out of storage because the apps they force on you take up all the space.  Plus in a year, some reason, the GPS would just stop working unless you rebooted the phone for every use.  I have had this issue on 5 different Android phones.  So I moved to mid-range Androids.  Still lacked space.

iPhone hasn’t suffered this issue at all for me.  It’s been rock solid.  While it does compare to the cost of my gaming laptop 😠

Acer Nitro 5 - iPhone XrSo far, still love the performance.  As you can see by the screenshot of my storage above, I’m not hurting for space at all.

So this is where I am now.  I’m an iPhone user.  Not a fanboy.  I’m just happy I have full control of my privacy, my phone’s app list and it’s just a damn good phone.  Unless Apple goes the way of Blizzard Entertainment, a story I’m working on; I’ll stick by them and praise them.