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No or Open Curtains at Night

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If this seems informative to you, I may make this into a series.  I like my privacy, always have.  But I got sloppy for many years when it came to my online privacy.  I’m taking that back.  However, as a person who’s been robbed in the past and has also been on the other side of the law in my early years, I’ve changed my ways to protect myself and my loved ones.  I now believe everyone should think like a criminal.  It will help you thwart would be bad people.  Police and FBI do it all the time.  That’s how they catch the most devious criminals.  The government hires hackers to catch hackers.  It’s a tested and true technique.

Even Foamy says so about advertising your daughter going to college.

Warning, I’m going to give you some scary things to think about.

My current job I do a lot of driving.  One thing I notice is that so many houses have either no curtains or they have them open 24/7.  This is a bad thing.

But I like the sunlight and being able to see the world! .. you say.

Most of us do.  During the day it’s not such a huge issue as the light makes it hard to see in.  Unless it’s cloudy or rainy.  As the night sets in, things in your home become so much clearer.

I can see in your home while I’m driving by.  So can everyone else.  So can criminals, rapists and sex traffickers.  Oh but that don’t happen here right?  Why, just last month this happened.  Here in our so prestigious and humble town.  Where I’m constantly told I don’t need guns for protection.

Things people can see are including but not limited to:

  • Your expensive living-room (TV, Stereo, Home Entertainment System, Computers, Game Systems, Furniture)
  • Your expensive china set in the kitchen
  • Your inappropriately dressed wife and/or children
  • When children are left home alone
  • When someone is single or home alone

People in town or near town in neighborhoods, generally don’t notice a car parked down the block often.  Won’t notice the same car drive by multiple times a day.  They are too busy with their own lives, possibly playing video games with a headset on or playing on their cellphones to notice whether the car is empty or not.  They likely shrugged off as a friend/family member come to visit the neighbor.  They won’t notice that the car isn’t empty or just assume if they see someone that they are just texting safely.  Will they notice if that car shows up different times per day and maybe a set of small binoculars?  Likely not.

If your curtains are open 24/7 or missing completely, you’ve already given them an invitation to check you and your home out.  It’s just not a smart idea.

While I’m no fan of seeing blankets and towels as window coverings as it looks completely ghetto.  It’s far better than open or none at all.

You should take care to keep your life private and away from prying eyes.  I’m looking for the house I’m delivering to, but I see so much more.  I think like a criminal in order to protect myself and mine.  I can’t help but wonder why others don’t.

If you don’t have curtains, get some.  Or at least some inexpensive blinds.

During the Day

Use sheer blinds to let the light in, but deter prying eyes.  Your house will look more elegant in the process.  If you want to see the world, only open them a few inches.

If you use blinds, angle them so you can see outward, but at a down angle.  Chances are you will be able to see out pretty decent, but seeing in is so much harder.  Angle them up ward if all you want is the light.  You won’t see out much but they won’t see in at all.

During the Evening/Night

Use curtains that shut out the light.  You can peek out if you hear a noise or a car pull up.  If you use blinds, close them.

Before Going to Bed

Take 5 minutes to walk around your home and make sure all windows are closed and locked.  Doors too.  It’s a good habit to get into and doesn’t take much effort.

Secure Windows

If you can afford it and don’t already have secure windows, get some.  These windows have stronger locking mechanisms and have a lock to allow the window to be open only 2-3 inches but deters a criminal from being able to open them any further.  More info here.


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