Pre-Employment Psychological Testing

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Psychological TestingHere we are in the New Year, and I find myself hunting for a new job.  As it’s a requirement for underemployment.  My current job has decided cut my hours in favor of having more people in my position.

Filling out a job application used to be so simple. For basic jobs it took 10 to 20 minutes of writing (in person) or typing (online) and you were done.  Professional jobs was an edited cover letter and resume submission which took even less time.  Now most jobs require you to apply for work online.  Now they also require you to take some sort of personal evaluation right after filing your application or resume; it takes nearly 2 hours in some cases.  At the very least an hour.

Have you ever had to do one?  It’s silly.  You can plainly see you have to be a happy, perfect ray of sunshine that never would steal or get stressed out in order to be considered for a position.

What if you are a person with a handicap, have anxiety or depression?  If you answer these questions honestly, it’s likely they won’t want you.  You can choose to be not so honest and select every answer they want to hear in order to get a job these days.

It seems insane to be an honest, normal person with flaws.  Because it will flag you.  So to win, you have to run the risk of trying to beat the system.  Which means you have to lie.  So how effective are these tests then?  Are they testing your ability to fake it?  Who wants to fake being a perfect person all the time?

Whatever happened to a good interview, where you get a feel for the person you are interviewing.


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