Northern Michigan Winter Driving

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Small Car Stuck in SnowI’ve upset a few people with this on Facebook.  But I don’t care.  When it affects people negatively, then something should be changed by the offenders.

It’s not everyone else’s responsibility to cater to the ignorant.

Dear Prius, Fiat, Cooper Mini, Smart, Fit (and various other tiny lightweight cars) owners. Our snow accumulation here in Northern Michigan is no joke. All day I watch you get stuck in 6 inch snow drifts. Struggle to accelerate from a stop. Slide through intersections. Get stuck on the piles left by the county snow plow, or the 8 inches that hit your driveway that you refuse to plow or shovel. Drive 25 miles an hour even though the road has just been plowed. Still you loose traction and with your tiny all season tires that have no business in our snowy conditions. I get that the winters here intimidate you. That’s fine, I’ll spend all day passing you like it was summer out. I go through 3 foot snow drifts like they weren’t there. I get paid to be efficient. You on the other hand, are not prepared. At the very least put some snow tires on. Make sure you have some cheap cat litter handy for when you get stuck. I even carry it. You’d be surprised how much it can help. Though seriously, if you plan on spending any real time here in the winter. Get an all-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle and put some serious tires on it.

Northern Michigan Winter Driving

Northern Michigan Winter Driving


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