2020 Resolution – Reclaim Privacy

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Online PrivacyI’m a pretty public person for the most part.  But I am careful about what I share.  I don’t use names of businesses many times.  Unless I feel safe in doing so.  I try hard to word things just right so as to not go too far.

Though I was like so many people.  I was using the most convenient tools available. While they may be convenient, they aren’t private at all.

Google and Facebook are two of the biggest online companies, and just about everyone uses them.  Fine.  But when I work for a company, I expect to get paid.  Plus, I expect my employer to stay out of my private life.  We all work for Google and Facebook.  Which is why they are free to us.  Because they are making billions of dollars off of our information.

Here’s How:

This is scary and has to end.

Dump Google

Google is the largest personal information sponge out there as far as I know.  I’m in the process of dumping them.  I used to use Email, Search, YouTube, AdSense, Voice and Calendar.  I’m just trying to find a replacement for YouTube that doesn’t suck.  Then I’ll obliterate my association to Google completely.

Use DuckDuckGo

Sure Google’s search engine is super helpful, but at what cost?  Everything you do, Google is keeping and selling to advertisers as you saw above.  But if you love the browser, you can at least install the DuckDuckGo extension and keep your searches private.  They don’t log your searches at all and are just as useful.  I’ve been using them for the past year.  It’s been a very good experience.  Install it on your Android (Owned by Google) if you insist on having one.  Though I urge you to dump Android too.  The phone alone contacts Google thousands of times per day.

Dump Chrome

Chrome spies on you.  Plain and simple.  I highly urge you to change to Firefox.  I hear that Brave browser is good too, but experts say Firefox is the most secure.  Even over so-called privacy browsers.  It has built in ad blockers, anti-tracker, it’s cautious with cookies and if you add Add Blocker Plus to it, you are almost completely ad free.  Let’s face it, any website who asks you to disable your ad blocker isn’t worth your time.  You can always find the same info from other sources.  Ads can hide harmful code and aren’t worth the risk of allowing them just to read an over-priced news site.

Get Firefox and start using DuckDuckGo

If you add DuckDuckGo to Firefox, you are in pretty good shape to protect yourself online.  Though a VPN hiding your presence in the first place makes you feel good about what you want to do without these places humping your leg to get your info.

Dump YouTube

YouTube (owned by Google) is becoming a complete nightmare.  As a content creator, you have to jump through hoops of flame to make it so you can get monetized.  Plus you have to be careful to not get stuck in “review hell”, or have your content immediately removed if it offends the sensitive Libtards and Democrats.

As a visitor you may not find the content you are looking for.  As it may have been removed for offending the ever growing violation rules.  Or if what you seek, doesn’t agree with their agenda, they will manipulate the search results to show you more of what they want you to see.  It’s horrid.  I’m currently moving to Brighteon.  Unless I find a better site.  But freedom of speech isn’t free these days.  There’s always some butt-hurt person or group trying to shut you up.  Your voice should be able to be heard, right or wrong.  That’s freedom of speech.  YouTube is no longer onboard with that.

Dump Facebook

I’m sick to death of the Libtards that have taken over social media.  Plus the fact Facebook’s whole point of existing, is to gather your info for sale to advertisers.  I never wanted to be on Facebook anyway.  I only did it as a way to keep in touch with my kids.  But at some point in 2020, I’m deleting that too.  If I want pictures of my grandchildren, I’ll have to take them myself.  It’s not like the old days (weird to say), where parents would just send them via text.

I can’t take the stupid re-shared memes, the idiotic ideals of the extreme left and the gender confused morons ruining the world.  Plus I have “friends” that I didn’t talk to before Facebook and still don’t talk to.  What was the point?  I’ve always had this website and will until I die.  I mean, remember when friends used to visit and hang out?  What the hell ever happened to that?

Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network takes your internet connection and encrypts it.  It makes you damn near invisible on the internet.  They can’t take what they can’t see.  Here’s 5 good points to have a VPN.

Learn More: https://nordvpn.com/blog/

I’m doing all 3.  I feel pretty good.  Soon I’ll have a real grasp on my privacy being, well.. private.

Many of our freedoms are slowly being taken away.  We can’t say things without getting fined or losing our positions in life.  Though the gun control train is at full speed.  We the people, need to derail that shit quick.  Our lives are no longer private.  Soon we will be like China and won’t have any privacy or freedoms at all.  Time to stop the Google and Facebook money making train too.  If we don’t act now, we may as well be robots.