What I Signed Up For

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Denny GunHave you ever been robbed?  I have.  More than once.  Have you ever woke up and found a stranger in your home?  I have.  The first time I got robbed.

His name is Raymond.  Raymond got stoned on a hard drug and decided he was going to rob my home, with my beautiful wife and myself still sleeping in our bed.

Thankfully we escaped our home and had Raymond arrested for robbery.  He served only 8 months in the county jail.

After Raymond was released, he would walk by our house flipping us off like we were the bad guys.  My wife once told me he made a cat-call on his way by while she was outside.  That kind of shit is scary.

If I would’ve owned a handgun when he robbed us, there might be no more Raymond to have tormented us.  I can’t say that for certain, as I would have had to make a few decisions in a flash.  It seems my friends like to remind me of this fact every few months; just because a perpetrator is in your home, you may not have the right to kill them.  Trust me I know.  However, being he was at the foot of our bed when we noticed him, that made us indeed fear for our lives.  If that wasn’t exhilarating enough, try the fact that we jumped over him, ran across the street naked.  I’m thankful that my wife at the time was very attractive.  Otherwise our neighbors may not have let us in to call the police.  But if I had a gun, I could’ve at the very least, held him at gun point while my wife calls the police.

On the succeeding times, my family was robbed when we weren’t home.   When we called the police, it took them forever to arrive.  They did little to nothing to investigate the incidents.  Our goods were never recovered.  While having a gun doesn’t stop that kind of robbery, it does prove waiting for the police isn’t good idea in a situation where you are home.  By all means call them first if you can, but take action if you must while you wait for them.  Otherwise just take action and then call when you are out of danger.

Just a few years ago, I had a delivery that I wouldn’t have been able to get back from because of the snow storm and the hill the person lived down.  I tried to call, but he didn’t answer his phone.  After failed calls from myself and the store to try to contact the customer; I went back to the store.  As I was heading back, he called me and called me all sorts of unpleasant names and called me a liar about the weather.  I hung up on him.  He then called my manager and threatened to come to the store and kill him, then called me back with the same threat.  Over a pizza…

From that moment on, I decided I was no longer going to be a victim.  I now a very pro-active Second Amendment supporter.  I’ve put up with way more than any citizen should ever have to deal with in their lifetime.

I bought a pistol at Jay’s.  I got good at using it accurately and quickly.  I studied my ass off to know when I can and cannot use it.  I took a course and paid close attention to everything put to me from the instructor and the DNR Officer that gave us really in-depth information.  And for the past almost 3 years, I have carried a gun on me every single day.

But here’s what most people who don’t carry a gun fail to think about.  They don’t know the whole story behind people like me.  We made a very profound decision.  It’s not about carrying a gun.  It’s about protection of not only ourselves, but our loved ones and everyone around us.

When you go out and about to the local businesses, you generally have someone with a gun near you.  Possibly several.


  • Blue = Customers
  • Green = People with Concealed Carry License
  • Red = People with Bad Intentions (Possibly have guns too)

In the above scenario, you have a bunch of customers.  Some of which are people with licenses to carry a firearm concealed.  A couple of possible criminals who may also be carrying a gun.  This is a typical day when you go out.  That’s a fact.  With over 18.66 million people lawfully registered to carry a concealed gun, this is every day life now.  But let’s face it, if someone commits a crime, you likely have someone willing to defend you.  Except gun-free zones.  In those, you are more likely to be helpless.

But here is the other side of the 2nd Amendment Coin.  When you decide to carry a gun, you have to think long and hard as to if you want to put your life on the line.  Possibly face jail if you make the wrong choices under pressure.  I have and I am willing to take the risk to protect myself, my family and any innocent life I can.

If something happens, it’s not simple to just handle the situation.  I could very well go to jail for life.  I could pay up to and over $100,000 in fines and court costs.  I could get killed.  The list goes on.  It’s not something I recommend everyone do.  For months I wanted to make a video showcasing what could happen if the situations aren’t perfect.  I hope some day one of the YouTube people who support Second Amendment Rights will make a short movie about these things.

Put in simpler terms, I am willing to lay down everything to protect someone else.  Even if I don’t know them.  And I won’t regret one thing if I save someone.  Even if I die doing so.  I hope it never happens.   I hope I never get put in that situation.  But if I do.  I will train as often as I can.  I will continue to educate myself.  Because I want to get it right when the need arises.

WE NEED TO FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!  Unless you want to be stripped of people around you to protect you.  Or protect yourself by registering to get a conceal carry permit.  Don’t let the Libtards and Democrats take our rights that made this country great away from you and me.  Don’t let them take our guns away.  Don’t let them force us to pay for prisoners to have sex changes.  And all the things they want to take away from us.