Another Christmas

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Another ChristmasI really just don’t know what it is about Christmas.  It’s my life’s curse.  I can’t recall a Christmas that didn’t go wrong for me in some way.

This year is a doozy.  The upside is I don’t have a breakup or divorce happening this year 👍

I do have money issues and unhappy people again.

You see I made a deal with my boss when I started my current job that I would get at least 37 hours a week.  For that, I would give up my job of 14 years at Widomaker.  In the past 6-8 months I was only averaging 35 hours a week.  Still it was enough to get by on by myself.

I really regret not getting that deal in writing.  About 3 weeks ago, he cut my hours to 25 per week.  That hurts substantially.  Because with this job, I barely make over minimum wage, so I use mileage and tips to cover gas, food, and some small bills including my monthly storage fee.  Any left over would go to savings.  I haven’t had any spare money to add to savings in some time.

To break it down:

10 Hours Per Week = 40 Hours Per Month
(one weeks vacation without pay)

$9.50 per hour x 10 hours = $95
$95 x 4 days = $380

Mileage on bad day = $25
$25 x 4 days = $100

Tips on bad day = $30
$30 x 4 days = $120

$380 + $120 + $100 = $600

So at the very least I’m losing $600 per month.  That’s my entire rent.  Not every day is a bad day, so I’m actually losing more than that.  But this proves I can’t afford to live in my current place of residence.  So naturally I’m in a panic.  Of course here is Christmas.  Time to spend money on gifts.  Money I now don’t have.

Finding a job for someone who can’t stand for long periods or lift heavy objects is really hard.  Almost every job description has it listed.  Delivery was a good break for me.  I’ve been looking for a tech job for over a year now with no luck.  I did get a, “we’ll keep your resume on file” from the local shop in town.  Though I don’t know if they will or if they are just being nice.  I’ve run out of delivery jobs in this town.  I’m still trying like hell to move to East Jordan.  Which I know I’ll have to get work out of town if I live there.  As there isn’t a lot of jobs in that town.  In the interim, I’m going to see if I can get underemployment like I did when Widomaker cut my hours some years back.  Plus hit the staffing services and see if they have handicap friendly jobs that I might qualify for.

In any case, I managed to scrounge up a small amount of money to buy gifts for the immediate family.  Hopefully they like what I found, granted some of the gifts are cheesy.  Kind of my thing as I like being silly.  Last year was 10lb bags of Gummy Bears 😜  I did manage to get someone something they really wanted.

Though despite my best efforts, some are still unhappy.  Even though I might end up with no place to live next month.  I could even get complaints that I used the same wrapping paper on all the gifts.  Like it matters.  It’s just going to be tossed and possibly burned.

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