Dogs are better than Humans

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DogI’ve been meaning to write this for a long time.  But I didn’t want it to sound like everything you already find on social media.  Yes there are bad dogs.  But not nearly as many as the good ones.  Most bad dogs were just not raised properly or raised by an idiot human.  Same thing can be said for children.

All in all, I don’t really belong in today’s world.  You can tell me all you want that freedom of speech is protected.  It hasn’t been in years.  Say something wrong and you get fined.  Make a video about something you feel strongly about and YouTube might ban it.  At least demonetize it.  Or worse, change search results to try and force you out.  You stand by your beliefs and someone will march against you.  You have to watch everything you say and do around other humans now.

Other problems I have in this world are things like.  You like collecting guns, and libtards want to remove them from you and call you a criminal.  You give someone a compliment and they get offended.  You do something nice for someone like, buy their lunch, open the door for them.  And they go on a rant rather than be appreciative.  You don’t like a certain group of people but they demand you bow to their will.  Why can’t I just ignore them?  If I do something someone doesn’t like, that’s all I ask of them.  Ignore me.  Don’t try to force me to change.  The world is upside down and it’s humans causing all the issues.

This is why I miss having a dog.  My last dog thought he was a cat.  Didn’t care much to play with other dogs.  Loved my attention.  Hated thunderstorms and fireworks.  But snuggled me all the time no matter what was going on.  He loved me no matter my point of view on any topic.

Dogs Love and Protect Their Family

I don’t even talk to 80% of my family.  We don’t share common views.  Some of my family treat other members of my family like dirt.  Or in my case, they only want me around to fix their tech.  It’s just uncomfortable all the way around.  My dog, once he got to know you come around, he just loved the extra attention.  If you got too close to my daughters, he’d take special interest so as to leap into action if he felt they were about to be in trouble.  But he never treated any other family like crap.

Dogs Don’t Start Wars

Our world has had war after war after war.  We’ve fought among ourselves, we’ve fought for other countries.  Not one of those wars were ever started by a dog.  Sure dogs fight.  Some are bred to fight.  Which is sad.  But it was humans who made them that way.  But they don’t kill thousands of their own kind or create massive army’s.

Dogs Don’t Hold a Grudge

You come home in a bad mood.  You might even tell your dog you aren’t in the mood for their attention.  So you say, “go lay down”.  Or put them outside to play by themselves for a while.  Soon as you cool down and let your dog back in.  He/she will love you regardless.  Won’t hold any unkind words against you.  Try that shit with a human.  Humans will hold a grudge.  Especially if you are in a relationship with another human.  It’s hard to find a human you can say, “I’m sorry about what I said earlier.”.  Without them bringing it back up and throwing it in your face again a few days later.  People have bad days, but why can’t other people be more forgiving about it?

Dogs Don’t Care About Silly Shit

Chase 2012-1

Dogs just want to be loved and given attention.  This is why they are so easy to get along with.  They don’t care about what the president is doing.  They won’t jump on the impeachment band wagon or cry about the possibility of losing him as a president.  Humans haven’t learned things like that are just a focal point to keep us distracted.  It’s like holding a ball up in front of the dog.  He/she focuses on the ball.  He/she wants the ball.  He/she doesn’t realize you are trying to get him to take a picture.  That’s how I got this picture.  He’s looking at the ball.

Dogs don’t go on about politics, they don’t protest, they don’t march against anything and they don’t worry about the next possible nuclear attack from Northern Korea.

These are only a few examples of the millions of things I hear about all the time from humans.  I’m more worried about my healthcare than what the president of any country is up to.  I’m having trouble walking or I worry if I’ll wake up tomorrow because of my heart.  If I had a dog, I’d be more worried about what will become of them when I’m gone.  Not all the silly shit in this fucked world.

Dogs certainly don’t care if there was an openly gay person in a Disney movie.  Neither do I.

Dogs Won’t Take Things Away Just Because They Fear It

We all fear something.  People fear guns.  People fear what other people say.  People fear knives.  In some places humans are trying to take things other humans just because they fear them.

Dogs fear guns, fireworks and thunderstorms.  But they don’t demand you get rid of these things.  Instead they take solace in knowing they can snuggle with you later when some of these bad things happen or, in the case of guns, go inside until you get done shooting targets.

Of course hunting dogs don’t probably mind at all.  They’re just happy to help hunt 🙂

Dogs Won’t Insist All Female Dogs Take Over

OK what the fuck is going on with humans today?  I was all on board with female equality.  Now it’s females must take over every damn thing.  Having just watched Avengers Endgame, did it not just seem that Captain Marvel could’ve just ended Thanos for us?  We could’ve just had her do it and not bother making any movies.  Apparently she’s unbeatable.  Instead you can see the movie held her back on purpose so we could have a movie to watch.  And Iron Man just got lucky at the end.  But he needed to die so it could seem heroic.  I hate Doctor Who now.  Even when Peter Capaldi was the doctor, it was mainly man bashing.  Suddenly all main characters need to be female.  What was wrong with having some female main characters and some male?  Now we are remaking everything about women.  Fuck it men are just scum I guess.

But your dog don’t care.  Or are we going to remake Air Bud into Air Belle?   Or A 101 Female Puppies?  Or Beethoven redone as Beatrice?

Though I’m sure your dog just won’t care who the main character is.  Or what gender the president is.  So long as it doesn’t suck.

Which these all sucked:

  • Ghostbusters – Answer the Call
  • Herbie Fully Loaded
  • Ocean’s 8
  • Batwoman
  • Doctor Who

To name only a few.

There are plenty of original movies and TV shows with great female leads.  Stop fucking up the classics!  But the dog won’t care either way.

Dogs Won’t Blaspheme God’s Gift of Gender

You will never hear a dog complain it was born the wrong gender.  Humans have lost their fucking minds with this gender shit.  As a fellow human, and pastor, I have a couple of suggestions.

But your dog will love you no matter what.  Well unless you mutilate him/her.  In which case you should never ever own a dog.  Or a cat.  Or anything.  Ever.


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