Where’s the music?

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That’s a damn good question.  Where Has The Music GoneYou may be wondering these past few months why I haven’t released a new drum cover or something.  The only answer I can offer is lack of inspiration.

Seriously.  I work a hosed up schedule.  When I get a day off I’m either doing errands, running to Saginaw (sometimes Detroit) or just plain don’t feel like doing anything because I’m just tired.

That and it seems I don’t get a lot of good feedback.  Constructive criticism is welcome.  Getting negative criticism is off-putting at best.  Especially from people who don’t even play instruments telling me I do it wrong.

I do get good feedback, just less than the negative.  Tells me I need work.  I wish I could find the video; but one person said one of the reasons people get discouraged is because when they play for others, they generally expect you to be better than you are.  Which tends to let said people to open their mouths without thinking.  Sometimes it’s hard to let things go.  But I could always hand them my sticks or guitar and say, “You do better.”.

I still play and I will likely do more covers and such in the future.  Just need time to work on my skills more.  Would really like a place I can make some noise without driving my neighbors nuts or risk getting kicked out of the slums.  I mean if you get kicked out of the slums, you’re life must really suck.

But seriously, this shit has got to get changed ↓


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