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Denny WhateverI don’t know why I lose my mind every couple of years and try to reinvent myself.  Never works.  I guess I just can’t be happy being who I am.  Much of which I keep to myself these days.

As you can see, I’ve pretty much restored my website to last December adding the posts from the revamp.  Some of which are duplicates.  But that’s OK.  Continuity is important.

I’ve spent the past few years trying to revamp my life.  Every time I get close, something pulls me away from my goals.  It’s exhausting and expensive.  I almost bought a house last spring, but the bank said I needed another $1500 in the bank.  With summer, I was hoping to get a ton of golfers in town like last year and be able to bank the earnings until fall.

Instead my truck decided it needed the money more than I do.  Plus business at work has not really picked up like last year.  Now my savings is nearly gone.  I must start again.  Story of my life really.

In that, I also have been still searching for a more suitable, challenging and handicap friendly job.  Just rarely find anything.  I thought about being a bank teller or work in a bank.  It could be brain work.  I see they offer handicap amenities.  Problem is, they primarily hire women.  With #METOO and the fact the world has lost it’s mind with being overly sensitive.  I think I’d find myself quickly in trouble.  I’m not the type to shut up and keep my head down.  I want to be noticed for my work and my upbeat attitude.  One wrong word and I’m toast.  So placing such jobs on the back-burner as it were.

Think I may relent to a rental too.  But the apartments in EJ are so picky and want so much background information.  Who has time for that.  I did see a room for rent, but it’s west of town and until I get a job there, the drive would be murder.  Plus driving at work.  May as well live in my truck.

If you find broken stuff on my site, let me know.  I’ll fix it.  I’m working slowly on stuff I’ve already found.


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