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Today I had hoped to release a new drum cover.  I even had two versions to upload after recording many takes.  The final cuts were both nuked by YouTube 😡

Sadly my work schedule (and other things), makes it so I have to wait a week or more before I can even sit down to try again.  I’m actually writing this from the hospital, waiting on an X-Ray 😕

So instead I’ll reveal my newest addition to my collection.

First, I must impress that my love will always be drums.  Shortly after I get a house, these will be in my studio.

Tama DrumsI’ve recently found this company, Orangewood.  Their products are getting put up against huge name brands and compared to the more expensive competition.  So people like me can get an affordable, quality instrument.

I was considering making an Un-boxing Video.  They are, for some odd-ball reason, incredibly popular on YouTube.  However, I couldn’t see myself spending hours on recording, editing and so on; to open a freaking box.  So this is as close as you’ll get from me.

It’s a Morgan Mahogany Live.  Sounds amazing!

I know as a child, I was highly encouraged to play guitar.  I just wasn’t into it then.  I can’t say this interest will last, but I’m having a good time learning it now.  Though finding the time can be difficult right now.


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