Offensive Beer

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Offensive BeerIf you didn’t already know, but you really should, I don’t like beer.  It’s bitter and gross.  The smell reminds me of overly hot summer days with rotting bread/pizza dough fermenting in the hot summer sun.  Which is probably why the place I work for, cooks it before throwing it away.

But…  My mind is twisted and I decided to make some fucked up beer bottles.  Click on them to see their full images.  Looks better on a computer than a tiny ass phone screen.

Dirty Sock Filtered Testicle Sweat.  Do you really need a more detailed description?

Not Your Grandma’s Crotch Rot.  I mean if you’re going to drink beer, it should be full of flavor.  The name speaks for itself.

Rattlesnake Piss.  Before I discovered the lovely smell of dying yeast in the hot sun.  This is was my term of choice for beer.

I’ll stick to my Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  Call me what you want, it’s much tastier.


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