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Flying MonkeyIf you were wondering where I have been the past month or so…  I’m still working my ever-loving ass off.  Though I’ve recently had a chat with the boss and requested a change in schedule and while I don’t get vacation time.  A week off in my semi-near future.  Before the dreaded snow flies.

It’s been a hellish cycle.  When I’m not working, I’m sleeping or running about doing my shopping and laundry.  Also driving to Saginaw or Detroit for my heart and knee.  I’m exhausted.

When I’m not working (and when I am).  I don’t have a lot of time to have fun.  I also don’t have a lot of time to take time out to eat at home and frankly I’m sick of Pizza.  So I’ve been having fun with the people at drive-thru’s.  As we do in our industry, we always ask the customer if they would like anything else to go with what they ordered.  A weak but sometimes effective way to upsell without being overly clever.  So when they ask me, I ask for between 200,000 or 2,000,000 Flying Monkeys.  Sometimes a Freeze Ray or Death Ray.  Even a Secret Lair on a Volcano Island.  Almost every time I get a laugh in one form or another.  Though I am waiting for that one dumb-ass to take me seriously.  Likely ending badly for me.  YOLO

For many years I’ve been a Starbucks fan.  Some girl I dated months ago just refused to go and insisted I try Biggby Coffee.  Well she didn’t work out, but the coffee did 😎

For those of you who I have fixed or worked on your computers, and saw that a few weeks ago I turned my back on CCleaner.  I’ve found a new solution.  Wise Disk Cleaner.  CCleaner was a super program that worked wonders.  Started as a small private project called Crap Cleaner, that’s when I found it.  Then they became Piriform and made more products.  Then Avast bought them.  Avast was an antivirus that I used to use as well.  But they became super intrusive to your computer system and always uploaded info they didn’t get permission to get.  So I gave up on them years ago.  Recently they did the same thing to CCleaner.  While they claimed to have restructured the software to be less annoying, but like the AV product, I just don’t trust Avast or their products anymore.

As for my doctor visits.  My heart is doing as well as it has for the past year.  My knee starts treatment next week.

When I do have a day off to myself, I haven’t done much of anything.  It’s the one time I get to just vegetate.  I don’t like being on my knee much.  So I generally watch TV and play games.  I know I should do more, but I’m always so exhausted.  Lack of finding any new games to like, I’m back to playing World of Warcraft.  But I’ll never return to the retail version of the game.  Legion sucked balls.  Battle for Azeroth reviews have just pushed me off further.  So I returned to an older private server that is working very well and has a decent population.  Hades is the name.  Running Cataclysm running in the same time progression as retail once did.  Come join me 👍

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