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Reason for LeavingYou know that box on job applications that says, “Reason for Leaving”?  When I do leave my current job, it’s going to be hard as hell not to put something unprofessional in that box.

I’m serious.  I’ve never been so pissed off at an employer before.  I know I’m not alone in my frustrations with them.  It’s not the owner.  Despite what some may say, she’s a sweetheart.  It’s her General Manager that’s the issue.  The man can not find good employees at all.  When he gets one that works, he works them until they can’t take it anymore and quit.  He also won’t fire people that cause problems at work, so long as they show up and perform.  Even if they call in sick once a week, insult and bully other workers or quit repeatedly but come back.

I’m on the short list of being the next frustrated person to leave.  Not that I don’t plan on leaving anyway when I move.

I’ve made my physical issues well known to my boss.  My right knee is raw and swollen many days from the bone spurs.  Just having any material rub against the skin of my knee burns.  I safety pin the right leg up over my knee to save the skin from torture.  However, until I start treatments for my arthritis, it’s slowly getting worse.

Walking with a limp as I do and have for many, many months.  It has caused Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot.  Making it hard for me to walk any serious distance.

Thankfully my heart isn’t any weaker than it was last year.  And I rarely have asthma attacks.  Still, despite all that going on, my boss seems to think it’s fine to work me into the ground.  I do now sit on a stool when I can, but I need to cut back on my hours.  I need a break.  Granted, I fear I may end up getting more than I ask for.  I haven’t gone anywhere today just to give my knee some rest.  Though I’m scheduled to work nearly 50 hours this week.  I guess it’s a 40th anniversary event.

Frankly I’m over this job.  I guess I have to find a handicap friendly job.  Not sure how easy that will be.


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