A Bit Scared

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Denny ScaredThe past few weeks, my knee is giving me way more trouble.  It hurts almost as much as when I first injured it at work a year ago.  It’s almost like having a small piece of glass wedged under my kneecap.  I’ve worn a knee brace for so long that the skin is raw and pink.  It’s always hot to the touch.  It’s making it hard to stand for any period of time and walking is difficult at best.  Any clothing touching it is highly irritating.

Time SheetThough that doesn’t seem to discourage my manager from trying to get the most out of me.

Just the first two days of the week and I’ve already worked over half of my scheduled hours.  Which is normally 41 hours per week.

The average Joe making minimum wage in Michigan, in a years time is right now under $19,240.  That’s because most full time employees only work 32 – 36 hours per week.  The calculation I made of my income is going to be around $27,000 this year.  This is based on making over $13,500 by the end of June.  If I manage to keep working.  I only make minimum wage too.  That’s a butt-load of overtime.  Averaging 45 hours a week.  Plus fuel fees.

I know what you’re going to say.  Everyone else does.  “But the checks must be nice!”.  Yes, they are.  You know what would be even more nice?  Not spending every day in pain.  Not spending 2 – 3 entire days (open to almost close) at the store every week.  To be quite frank, I’m sick of killing myself for these checks, while I watch people post vacation pictures on Facebook and Instagram who haven’t had a job in years.  I’m sick to death of delivering to people on welfare and disability, only to be stiffed (not given any kind of tip) when I get there.

I can’t help but wonder if working so much is causing my knee to degrade.  But I wouldn’t know.  I’m still waiting for the results of an MRI I had done two weeks ago.

I’m scared if my knee gives out though.  If I won’t be able to work anymore.  What will they find in the MRI?  Can my knee be fixed?  Or will they say nothing is wrong with it.

If I can’t work, I don’t know what my next step will be.  I don’t know who to talk to about getting financial help.  I have some savings.  Though, even with my truck being two months ahead in payments, and my storage also being paid ahead…  The money won’t last but a month, maybe two if I can really stretch it.  Then what?  Should I move out of my apartment to save money?  If so, I only have two days left to move.  I’m not even sure I have another place to go.

Even worse is what if they can’t, won’t or don’t fix my knee.  Then what?


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