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New DocGetting things done via the Veterans Affairs (VA) is slow and painful at best.  Sometimes I think if I had known, I would’ve stuck with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The moment I signed up with VA, ACA dropped my discount making any other healthcare very non-affordable.

I just got dental 2 days ago.  I had to do it through a third party insurance at work.  I still do vision from my own pocket.

I wasn’t at all impressed with my first assigned doctor through the VA.  He always tried to impress me with his achievements and his knowledge.  I don’t feel he ever actually did anything to help me.  He’s a marathon runner (yet he’s nearly as overweight as me).  He can diagnose me simply by letting me list my symptoms.  I can do that via WebMD.  It goes on, but I think you get the idea.

His only recommendation to me was to eat vegetables, high fat foods (I guess it won’t kill my heart after all eh?) and be patient.  This was supposed to help me lose weight.  I tried his “diet”.  I felt like I had to live in the bathroom.  The greasy meats and vegetables had me visiting the throne room frequently.  My knee is slowly getting worse.  Now I pretty much wear a knee brace all the time.  Which has caused the skin to get raw.  After a year and some of this pain, I’ve lost all my patients for this hot shot doctor.

I filed to get a new doctor through the VA.  As of this past week, my new doctor is starting all over with me.  New x-rays, new MRI and so on.  I want to be able to go for walks again.  I don’t want to be limping in pain any more.

It’s too early to say if this new doctor will actually follow through, find and fix my issue.  All I can do is have faith that my prayers will be listened too and that this doctor will listen too.


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