Genuine Compliment

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Thank You!Something happened today that doesn’t happen to me very often.  I got a genuine compliment 🙂

I mean I get compliments from friends and family on occasion, but it’s somehow different when coming from a complete stranger and it’s not prompted in any way.

When someone you know compliments you, it makes you feel good, but you also tend to sometimes say things like, “It was nothing.” or, I’m not that good, but thank you.”.  Though maybe that’s just people like me who have some self-doubt in our abilities.

I’m sure my kids hear compliments all the time.  They are all very gifted in their own ways.  Some of them have experienced the spotlight and have had admiration from all sorts of people they’ve never met.

Frankly I can’t recall when the last time, prior to today, that I got a compliment from a stranger.  At least not about my abilities anyway.  Sure I hear I have a nice truck, or a nice guitar.  Those are things I own.  They aren’t me.

So when I get such a compliment, I almost feel as if saying, “Thank You” isn’t enough.  So I get self-conscious.

By now you are asking yourself, “What the hell is the big deal?”.  I’ll tell you.  Today my guitar instructor started messing around with some of the chords he was showing me and I recognized the song.  So I started to sing the words.  I can sing on some level.  I just don’t show it off much as I don’t feel I’m all that.  Still, he said in earnest that I was very good and to keep going 🙂  Kind of made my day.


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