Clean is a Problem?

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Clean is a Problem?I don’t get people.  Which is perhaps why I generally don’t fit in with the majority them.  They actually seem to take issue with my cleaning habits.  Say what?!

It’s true, some of the comments I get actually sound like a person is aggravated by my way of living.  Keeping my home and my vehicle relatively clean.  I don’t consider myself a neat freak, I don’t have to have the world in which I live, spotless.  But I do enjoy coming home to and having my surroundings clean and organized.

I get compliments too, but the ones that sound upset or angry really make me wonder what is the problem with how I live.

I’ve actually had people get in my truck and say, “Do you wash this fucking thing every day?”.  Or, “Oh my god you keep this clean!”.  Seriously?  The fact that someone can climb in without me moving trash or old food has them saying things like this?  They sound very annoyed or aggravated.  Like my lifestyle pisses them off somehow.

I get the same kind of things said when someone comes over.  “Your house is so much cleaner than mine!” (more tone than harmful words) or “Are you afraid of germs?”.  No, I’m not afraid of germs.  However, I don’t care much for bacteria to get out of control or live in a moldy home.  Or inviting cockroaches and ants to take over.  Should I be sorry that this person can’t take the few minutes to keep things clean in their life?  It’s not hard.  If they do things as they go:

  • If you open it, close it.
  • If you use it, put it back.
  • If you turn it on, turn it off.
  • If you drop it, pick it up.
  • If you track it in, mop it up.
  • If you spill it, wipe it up or sweep it up.
  • If you find it empty, fill it up.
  • If you use it, take care of it before you return it.
  • If you dirty it, clean it.

Then, when they have to actually do some cleaning it’s a piece of piss.

Even when I had kids in my home, I rarely let it become a wreck.  I’ve never liked nor agreed with that moronic image that gets passed around that goes:

  • Dirty dishes means my kids are fed.  (Doing dishes is a chore and can be rewarded.  Not to mention leaving dishes promotes bacteria growth.)
  • Full trash means I clean up after them.  (Again, another chore, but damn it’s so easy to pull it out and put it outside in the large bins for trash day.  Not to mention it eases up on the smell if it’s outside.)
  • Messy floors means my child has fun.  (Picking after themselves or the parent can do it if they are too young.  Saves on those nasty legos in the feet after dark.  It also teaches them good values.)
  • Unfolded laundry means they wear clean clothes.  (How lazy are people?  It’s not hard and it certainly helps distinguish between dirty and clean clothes of they are just unfolded on the floor.)
  • Wet towels on the bathroom floor means my kids are clean.  (Not if the towels are allowed to mold because no one hung them up to dry.  Replacing moldy towels cost money, mold in respiratory tracts costs medical bills.)

There are variations to that nonsense, but I was taught to clean up after myself (Thanks Mom!).  Why can’t people pass on good habits?  But if someone wants to live in a dirty environment or drive a car full of old fast food, that’s their thing.  That doesn’t mean they should make comments to people like me that sound like my habits somehow hurt them.  I live how I live, why should it bother someone else?