Adult Dating Sucks

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Adult Dating SucksAt least when you are dating as a teenager, you have the chance to grow together.  As adults we are somewhat locked into our outlook on life, our situations and our opinions.  Some adults are way more inflexible than others.  Adults are more incapable of change than younger people.  I’m so fed up lately that I’m about to say fuck it all and just buy my own house and get a dog.  At least a dog will love me no matter what.

It is insane how many people I see through their profile and when I meet them, how broken they have become.  They have let themselves be hurt so many times or taken a break-up so hard that they are negative about themselves and they talk down about themselves.  This one I can relate to.  There are days I feel absolutely incapable of ever being loved.  Of course it is a huge turn off to me.  As I’m sure it is to those I go out with when I get down.  It’s hard to avoid.  You can’t just shrug off hurt and be happy sunshine all the time.  Unfortunately it gets in the way of having a good time with someone new.

Some people have this cookie cutter idea of what their mate needs to be.  If the new person doesn’t fit this mold exactly, it’s an instant fail.  I’ve run into this a few times.  For example, I’m a dog person.  The person I want to date is into cats.  So much so that because I would want a dog, they suddenly have zero interest in me.  No flexibility at all on the subject.  Or I don’t like sports, and they do.  Allowing me to do something different while they watch sports is faux pas.

This one kills me and it a huge put off.  What the hell is with the number of women who are nearly 50 years old and have children under the age of 10?  All my kids are grown and I’m on to grand children.  I don’t want to raise little Johnny Oopsi.  I would find it odd to have Johnny at age 5, who would be basically a step son; who is playing with my 3 year old grandson.  Though a friend of mine came up with a good theory about women like this.  He thinks a good majority of these women were likely the party girl in her younger years.  Suddenly she gets pregnant and her man bolts as he didn’t want any kids, just the sex and junkie girlfriend/wife.  Now she’s in need of a live in babysitter/boyfriend.  Or worse, it was a last ditch effort to save a failing marriage by having another child.  I’m not saying he’s right, but it certainly sounds credible as there are a whole lot of these older moms with young kids available.

This one is really recent.  The last two women I’ve dated ended up confessing that they have STDs.  WHAT THE FUCK!!??  Why are you people on regular dating sites?  There are places for you to find people you are STD compatible with.  PositiveSingles and many more.  I don’t have any STDs and I don’t want any!  This is why I get so annoyed with people who quickly jump into bed with anyone these days.  You risk getting diseases and unwanted children.  What a way to fuck up your own life and possibly some child’s life.  Not to mention spread it around either unwittingly or intentionally.  Why the hell would I want to get with someone with an STD?  I don’t care how common they are, I’d rather stay uncommon thank you.  In both cases I tried to wrap my head around it, but thankfully they both ended before we got far enough to worry about my getting anything.

What I wouldn’t do to be a teenager again.  Life was far easier then.