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That and ThisSpring is just around the corner, well for most places it’s here.  This is the Snowbelt-Buckle.  But hey, the fresh pothole-filler is in bloom!

Still stuck in my work rut.  Looking for a new job and a new place to live.  Especially the new place to live.  My neighbors on the south side of me are complete tools.  Their TV is on all night every night.  They have loud guests over frequently.  God forbid they play First Person Shooters.  Suddenly it’s “Cussfest!”.  I was trying to be the nicer person by not being like them, but since only one of them ever leaves the place, I’m about to say fuck it and jam as I like.  So long as the neighbor on the north side of me isn’t home.  He/she is super quiet.  So much I have yet to meet them as I never know when they come or go.

Besides I have new toys I want to play with and would like the time and freedom to do so.  Can’t do that here and need a more normal hour job where I can have time daily.  Not this get up, rush to work, be there all day, sleep and repeat 4 days a week.  Plus work 1-2 more 6-8 hour shifts.  My only day off I’m running like crazy.  If I’m lucky to get a second day off, the neighbors make it hard to do anything at home.  In which case I’m off with someone I’ve been trying to spend time with 😊

Living at this Extended Stay isn’t as great as I was told it would be.  It’s much cleaner and less moldy as the one on West Otsego Lake.  They don’t have all the strict rules as them either.  But…  The management here doesn’t give a shit about the tenants.  As long as they pay rent, they can pretty much do as they like.  So getting decent sleep is hard at times.  (and I’m still scrubbing the cigarette smoke stains from everything)  I wonder if it is dangerous to my health to live in such an environment.

I may have to start looking for a job out of town.  Like west of Gaylord.  Most of the jobs I can do here are retail or factory work.  I want to use my brain.  My talents.  West of town seems to have other interesting things for me as well.

As for the aforementioned toys, I’ve thrown together a quick and dirty preview.  Yes I have many bugs to work out.  This is a very rough take, made with affordable equipment and an insanely crappy location.

[As evident, YouTube already blocked it 😡 – Uploaded to Brighteon instead.]

Eventually when I go public (this video is unlisted), I’ll use drum-less tracks to 1) cut down on copyright tagging by YouTube and 2) help with that timing issue that is evident in the capture.


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