Time To Move On

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Denny Needs IdeasTime flies when you’re having fun.  Time drags ass when you have grown bored and annoyed with something.  I can’t believe I’ve been slinging pizza for almost 3 years now.  Granted, I only went full time on it just a few months ago.  The charm wore off pretty damned fast.  I still sometimes have fun doing it.

But it’s beating the shit out of my truck.  Though my biggest problem is the fact I agreed to this goofy-ass schedule.  Four days of the week, I work both the lunch and dinner rushes.  It’s nice not closing, but I basically can’t do anything else on those days.  I get exhausted at by the time I get to last day as they are 9 to 10 hour days.  Sometimes longer if dinner rush lasts right up until closing.

So the one day I generally get off, I end up running all my errands.  That day is pretty much wasted.  I’m still tired and don’t do anything else the rest of the day.  One night, I work the dinner rush.  So I don’t do much during the day so I’m not tired at work.  I’m lucky to get a second day off in the week, as I repeatedly get called in to work.  Or scheduled for it as someone needs a weekend off.  I frequently get stuck with six days and overtime.

Sure I love the overtime, but I have next to no time for me.  I need to decompress.  I want to do things I enjoy and have decent time to do it.  I haven’t shot my gun in six months.  I rarely play my drums.  Between working my ass off and having my neighbors up my ass all the time.  I don’t want to be rude and make a ton of noise.  It’s best to play in the middle of the day when they are gone.  I don’t visit anyone as I’m working all the time.  It’s insane.

Besides I could use a real job that offers dental, possibly medical, paid time off and more would be nice.  The trick is I don’t want to let my mind die at some factory or be a clerk somewhere.  I want to find something that would take advantage of my technical skills and would be awesome if it utilized my creative abilities.  I just don’t know what that would be.  I’m open to suggestions.

As a side note…

To people with a hard-on for hardwood/laminate flooring: I hope you end up spending an eternity in hell sweeping the floors!  Just saying.


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