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Denny DrummerIt’s just that time of year.  Seems to happen every year around this time.  So little going on.  With the weather being all hot and cold.  Even work is slow and boring.  It makes it hard to write since nothing is going on.  It’s when I start to consider shutting down this site.  I have like maybe five readers left I think.

I was going to write about the most irritating person I’ve ever had the displeasure to meet in my entire life.  Let’s just say she takes the definition of princess to a whole new level.  Like reality TV level.  But I figured that would be unwise.  I have to deal with this person, so instead I’ll just leave it at this.

I am working on perhaps a Valentine (not the psycho princess), but perhaps a princess in the nicer definition.  It’s too early to tell yet.

I do have some ideas floating on in my head.  But then again, when don’t I?  The trick is to go through with them.  Problem is I generally like to involve other people in my plans.  I think that is my downfall.

So my projects will now solely be based on my own abilities and perhaps invite people once in a while.  This way if I don’t expect too much, I won’t be let down.  Don’t get overly excited yet.  I need things and time to put it all together.  But maybe, just maybe I can pull this off.

Right now, there’s little else to do.

Also, in 6 days it will have been six years since I got out of the hospital 🙂


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