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Another MoveAs much as I am not a fan of it, the time has come.  My lease is almost ended at my place in Aspen Commons.  I just finished moving out of my old place into a different one.  Between barely affording it and the fact that maintenance is slower than dirt and does minimal at best.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Plus I am not a fan of having roommates.

Plus I really don’t want another lease that starts and ends in the winter.  So in the interim, I moved into an efficiency apartment.  It’s just a motel room with a small sink and tiny fridge.  It’ll do.  Not sure about if I can practice or not here.  I haven’t talked to the neighbors yet.

Thanks to Chris Ostrander for helping me with moving my bed.  That thing is heavy as all hell.  Though it is comfy.  Speaking of, I may move it into my place as the bed here is like a damned brick.  I’ve put a pillow top mattress pad on it, but still could use a foam layer too.

My new place is surprisingly spacious.  I had gotten used to spending a lot of time in my bedroom, so this is comfy as far as room goes.  It’s affordable.  Internet leaves something to be desired.  But since it’s not listed as a residence, the ISP I had won’t install here.  Guess I’ll use my phone as a hot spot when I need critical access for doing bills and such.

This whole thing allows me to casually look for something nicer and fits me.


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