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Teach Your ChildrenI meet a lot of people.  Which is weird for a person who isn’t really into being social very much.  I especially love talking with the elderly and listening to their memories and thoughts.  They are so knowledgeable and polite most of the time.  Younger folks tend to be impatient and rude in comparison.  Not always, but certainly a lot more.  All too often I see newer parents handing their children the latest tech device and letting them go.  Back in my time, our parents were accused to letting the television raise us.  Today it’s smartphones and the internet.  There is no need to be a parent of a rude and stubborn child raised on YouTube stars known for their obnoxious antics.

I know I’m no all star parent.  Some things I failed at.  Looking back I wished I had tried harder.

Today’s parent has all new challenges to face on top of having to teach their children things they should know.  I won’t go into detail as I don’t want to start debates that aren’t on point with what I’m going to go over.

There are so many things that get overlooked when raising children.  Things I hope to spark when raising your own children.  Such as:

Teach your children to be patient.  Just the other day, I was told that a woman had a “Pissed off 10 year old because their order took an hour and a half to arrive.”  It’s the holidays, and we did tell them it would take that long.  But all I could think to myself was, “What kind of little impatient asshole are you raising?”.  If your kid is throwing a tantrum because they aren’t getting what they want when they want it, then something is wrong.

Which also means you should teach them they don’t always get what they want.  Sure it’s OK to be disappointed, but they also need to learn to accept it and move on.

Teach your children how to maintain their bicycle.  Put air in the tires and oil the chain.  How to check the brakes.  These things will come in handy when they own a car.  When that time comes, teach them to check and change the oil regularly.   I informed a woman that her tire was low and she broke down and cried because she didn’t know how to put air in it.

If you can, teach your child to drive a manual transmission car.  If anything, it will be an experience that will get the heart pumping!

Teach your children to be kind and courteous.  Even if they don’t agree with others opinions and beliefs.  There are all kinds of people in this world.  Try as we might, we don’t always like every person we encounter.  Sometimes we detest what they believe in.  That doesn’t mean we need to treat them poorly.  I personally despise blatantly stupid people.  But I rarely say anything to that person unless they are endangering myself or someone else.  Otherwise, just accept they are different, offer them a smile and move on.  If your child must get into a debate over a difference, teach them to be diplomatic and objective about it.  It does not mean they have to change their views, but they can certainly be kind about it.

Let them be kind to others by saying please and thank you.  Have them hold the door for a complete stranger regularly.

When your child sneezes or coughs, make sure to teach them to cover their mouth.  Explain how important it is to not spread their sickness to others and what they should do if they end up around someone else who is ill.

Make sure your child can read, write and do simple math.  Don’t let them slip into the thousands of children who have become adults who still can’t do those things.  They will thank you for it.

Teach your children the importance of money and how to handle your finances.  Well, that is if your finances are in order.  If not at least teach them to avoid mistakes you’ve made.  I’ve made my share of financial mistakes.  Now I walk a tight line and am proud to be better at handling money.

Teach them to appreciate the service others provide to them.  To say thank you and please when asking for something, getting help and being waited on.  They should appreciate their waiter or waitress who work for lower wages with a tip.  As well as their delivery person who brings them food in the freezing cold or miserable weather.  Have them know to give a prompt thank you to the person who dropped off the package at their door.

Teach your children to be creative.  Draw, paint, play musical instruments, dance, sports or anything that comes to mind.  Don’t let them just vegetate in front of a TV or computer all the time.  If I could go back, and do that, I probably wouldn’t be overweight.

Teach your children to pick up after themselves.  Not just their toys, or clothes.  But their trash.  Don’t let them litter.  Teach them to take care of their belongings.  Show them a beautiful world.  You don’t have to have an expensive house to have an impressive home.  I live in a cheap home.  Yet I get compliments on how clean it is.  How clean my truck is.  Nothing has to be immaculate, but if things are kept after most of the time, then major home cleaning is merely a quick chore instead of an all day project.

This list could go on, and I’m sure each of you who read this will have your own take on it.  By all means, have at it!  Happy New Year!


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