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AnonymityMerry Christmas everyone!  It’s been some years since I could say that with a decent level of sincerity.  Christmas generally isn’t my favorite time of year as it tends to end badly.  Plus my deep hatred for that white crap on the ground.  Though this year is far from perfect with family squabbles and a tightened budget.  I’m able to make the best of it this year.

While I am generally an open book kind of person, I only share what I want to share with you here and on Facebook.  Things I don’t mind people knowing.  I’ve always known that people can know more about you than you think.  Especially your ISP.  Maybe not the small ISP’s like the one I used to work for, but the big boys know a lot about you.  Where you bank, websites you frequent and on and on.

In a world where identity theft is rampant, and ransomware is a huge threat now.  Plus the script kiddies that can also find their way into your life.  I don’t want people to know things online like who I bank with or how I access my bills online.  I limit what people know of my health.  I share what exactly I want to share.  I don’t want anyone to snatch my social security number or drivers license information.

This is especially an issue with public internet connections.  Anyone could be watching.

Now I use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to obliterate my online presence.  Essentially becoming a ghost.  Plus with the possible changes coming due to the fall of Net Neutrality, they can’t throttle what they can’t see me doing.

This explains it too:

It’s not a perfect life as sometimes this makes online shopping difficult but once you figure out the niche’s, it’s sometimes even faster.

I use NordVPN as they offer security for all platforms.  Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.  More.  Soon I’ll set it up via a router and cover everything at home.  The simple app for my phone.  Plus on my laptop so when I’m out and about.