Lost Freedoms

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Lost FreedomsIs anyone else besides me paranoid to say just about anything on their minds anymore?  I can’t stand that I have to police my every word just so I won’t give people the wrong impression or perhaps offend them in the slightest.  It’s gotten way out of control as far as I’m concerned.  There really isn’t much freedom of speech these days.  And it’s about to get worse.

I like to joke and laugh.  I love to make others laugh.  Even if it’s at my own expense.  I like off-color humor.  I’m not Politically Correct and never will be.  But I can’t even tell a fat joke (using myself as the target) without someone getting upset about it.  Why should they care?  The joke was about myself!  Hell Amy Schumer can talk about her vagina smelling like a farm animal and make money doing it.  I make a fat joke and someone loses their mind over it.  It’s insane.  Frankly I don’t find Amy Schumer funny at all.  However, she’s entitled to her style of humor and I should be entitled to mine.

Even worse, I tend to use my humor as a way to deal with being nervous.  I always feel out of place anymore as it is.  Like I don’t belong anywhere in this world.  Like I don’t fit in.  So I also use it to hide my anxiety and pain.  So I come off goofy.  Maybe that’s why no one likes me.  But today I got told I’m using Cocaine.  They based that off my being upbeat.  I wish they were joking, but they acted like I have a serious problem.  I didn’t get upset about it though.  My feelings weren’t hurt.  I simply suggested they should give me a drug test so they could have the satisfaction of being wrong.

Now if I were to make such an accusation about them; they would likely lose their mind and probably get me in trouble at work for it.

Then there’s the thing of finding the right people to have conversations with.  I can’t just start talking to someone about bring up any old subject anymore.  I might offend them because I may share a different viewpoint on whatever subject I was talking about.  If I write a blog, I have to spend hours being really careful about what I write and how I write about it.  I have to put disclaimers and such to keep people from being offended by my material.  To keep me from having my links removed from Facebook.  To keep my web host from canceling my account.  Because God forbid I have an opinion that may differ or offend someone.

Now Net Neutrality is about to end.  ISP’s will control what we see and how we get to it, if at all.  I may no longer be able to have a website.  Or perhaps people won’t be able to get to it if they don’t have the right package.  This censorship is seriously and insanely out of control.  No matter how loud we voice that this is not what we want or that we want to protect our freedom of speech, no one seems to care in the government to protect our rights to it anymore.  No one wants to hear a different point of view.

Whatever happened to if you don’t like it, go somewhere else or find a group who shares your views?  Whatever happened to saying, “I don’t agree, but it’s your point of view and I respect that.”?

Soon we will be channeled into seeing and hearing things one way.  You won’t get a choice.  Or to get your choice, it will cost you.