Less Work Stress

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No, I won't fix your computer.I realize I need to find new things to write about.  Been a dry spell on anything interesting happening.

It’s been over a month now and I do feel a lot less stressed from day to day.  No more getting angry calls from people that won’t listen or follow directions.  Dealing with people that won’t pay their bills on time and getting snotty with me because I turned their service off.  The list goes on.

Now I get to make people laugh and feel good when I come to their door.  They don’t have to go out in the crap weather.  The job isn’t very hard or extremely demanding.  It’s a bit rough with my knee having not healed correctly with degenerative damage.  Which unfortunately has caused Plantar Fasciitis in my opposing foot.  I’m working with the VA doctor to get it worked out.  Though it could take several months before anything can be done for it.  Need to lose weight and I’ve been struggling with that for some time now.  They want me on a high vegetable and high fat diet.  Sounds weird as hell to me.  Though I’m not about to carry a damned diary around all day to count calories.


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