I’m Over Being Nice

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Denny FUI try and I try to be nice to people.  When it comes to my customers; I try to make them laugh, I try to make them smile.  Which is the best part of my job.  I sometimes try to make them feel as if I don’t sweat the small stuff.  Such as when I tell them the total, perhaps I won’t worry about that fifteen cents.  So instead of $15.15, I just say it’s $15 even.  It was one of my things to get them to like me and perhaps give me a little something in return.  Such as a decent tip.  I do all these things to help increase my tips.  But that bit about knocking off a few cents, isn’t going to happen anymore.

I would do it up to say 35 cents.  After that I would say the whole total.

It’s not like it used to be 10 years ago.  Back then, we’d get $20 to make change with and the last $2 would be in various coins so we could give exact change if need be.  Generally we never needed to give change.  Customers would just make the tip some dollars and whatever change was left over.  That added up nicely after a lot of deliveries.  So as time went on, our starting bank just ended up $20 in all bills and we don’t give coin change to the customer.  So if the order is $15.15, the change back would be $4.  This way if they decide not to tip, we at least get 85 cents.

When you drop those few cents off, it can quickly add up to burning yourself out of several dollars.  Such as been the case lately.  If I say it’s only $15, they want the $5 change.  Simply stiffing me completely.

Also, I’m fairly sure people are just playing delivery drivers when they say, “The tip is included right?”.  No it’s not.  None of the places I’ve ever worked includes the tip.  There is a delivery fee, but it’s NOT the tip!  There has only been one place I ever worked that the whole delivery fee went to the driver.  I don’t work there anymore.

Let me explain how the delivery fee works.  If the fee is $1.50.  The driver only gets $1.10 of that fee.  Forty cents of it gets kept by the company to pay for the commercial insurance for the delivery drivers in case they get in an accident while on the clock.  But, we do not get that $1.10 until we get paid in our check.  This means that money gets taxed before we get to see it.  Generally speaking, we only see about 85 cents in total from that fee.  That’s barely enough to afford the gas we use at the current fuel costs today.  So let me repeat…


So, if you call for delivery, and you have the balls to stiff the person who stands in the rain and snow and sweltering heat; as well as suffer traffic to bring you food at your home or place of business.  You are a complete and utter tool.


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