I Guess Not

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House RentTurns out I can’t afford this place alone on one full time job.  My post tax calculations of the income at my new job were a bit off.  At least during the slow seasons in fall and spring will be not be affordable.   Summer and winter won’t be much of a problem.  Though I’d rather find a more affordable abode.  This way I could afford it all year long and use the good months to build up my savings.

I could go with a roommate, but I have never once had good luck with having a roommate.  If I had a girlfriend, perhaps it wouldn’t be an issue.  Don’t have one of those at the moment.

Once my lease is up, I’ll stay elsewhere for a few months until weather is warmer.  Then find a new place to call my own.  Or if I get really lucky, someone special to share a place with.  Yeah… Keep dreaming Denny.


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