Horde or GTFO

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Just showing off some of the graphic work I play with on my off time 🙂

Horde Wallpaper

I’m not a graphic artist by any means.  But I can manipulate graphics like crazy!  I start by grabbing a high rez screenshot from places.  Using the free Photoshop alternative paint.net, then painstakingly cut out the background and save it as a transparent PNG file.   After that, I set to work giving it depth and then can make these wallpapers I use on my computers.  The picture above is all my current characters on World of Warcraft.

Layers give life.  I take the ordinary cutout and add all sorts of other images I’ve either created or found and manipulated to look great in the end.  As exampled by my Goblin Frost Mage Theodes:


Here’s the layers I used:


Finally, flatten and save and here’s Theodes with a bit of Magic:

Theodes (Magic)Glowing shards on his shoulders with a bit of faint dust floating about.  Frost magic on his staff.  Eyes glow on his buckle.  Took me about two hours to do everything.

This whole website is done with graphic manipulation.  From story images, to decorations and the images along the side bar.  Logo and more.  I designed this whole theme you’re looking at.  Yeah, I’m a bit proud of the things I’ve taught myself over the years.    Nifty huh?  I think so anyway 😀

As Theodes says: