Self Defense and Dead Printer

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Self Defense and Dead PrinterSo today my printer died.  Not a big deal really.  Though of all the printers I’ve ever owned, this one was a real gem.  It was a Canon PIXMA MG5220.  I got it around late 2010 or early 2011 at Walmart for a sweet $35 on clearance.  Little did I know then, it retailed for nearly $150 and sometimes more.  It was insanely good and quiet.  I found ink deals on Amazon for $8 for all 5 ink tanks.  They all worked perfectly and it was the perfect photo printer.  It made all my sweet Christmas Cards for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.  There was none for 2016 as I had realized that no one actually cared to get Christmas Cards from me.  I sent out 30+ cards in 2015 and got zero in return.  In 2014 I got 1.  Sure, it takes me a while, but I can take a hint.  Though now I need a new printer.  I’m going to try the updated version of the MG5720.  Same basic printer, some new features.  I hope I get 7 years out of this one.  Though I have my doubts.

Though the bigger news is that yesterday I took an NRA Self Defense class and did surprisingly well.  My skills with a gun are fairly good.  Good enough to protect myself and my loved ones.  For my build, I did pretty darn good.  We not only learned when you can and can’t use deadly force, but how to duck behind objects for protection and doing things like leaning around corners and firing rapidly with fairly good accuracy.  We learned a lot more, but I won’t bore you with the details.  I am proud of myself and thankful to those who helped me get to where I am so quickly.  My mom who helped me get the gun and equipment at a decent price.  The salesman at Jay’s Sporting Goods for the suggestion of what gun to choose on a budget.  My Uncle Roger for his support, tips and advice.  As well has letting me use his property to practice.  Bob for covering my shift at the day job so I could attend class.

I should start hanging my certificates on the wall.  I’ve got a small collection of them now.  This was passing the class.  I also have ones from my Navy days and others.

If it wouldn’t be so messy, I’d use the dead printer for target practice 😉


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