The Smell of Gun Powder

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Bullet HoleI finally got to shoot my new gun today 🙂  I went over to my Uncle’s house to do it.  I’m not about to pay $70 for a membership at the local range when the only thing they plow out is the parking lot during the winter (according to others who are discontent with it). ?

Apparently they only clean the snow at the outdoor range when there is a special event.  Screw that.  If I have to trudge through snow, I’m doing it for free.  Hooray for private property!!

My uncle is a Concealed Carry man.  He was impressed with not only my knowledge and attention to safety, but with my skill as well.  Hell I was shocked at how well I did.  Though practice will always be necessary.  We setup a target with a distance of 28.5 feet and the targets are 8 inches in diameter.  Out of the 55 rounds I shot, I only missed 5 times.  That’s 91% ability to hit the target consistently.  I used 50 Browning 9mm Practice rounds and tried out 5 Hornady American Gunner Hollow Point rounds.  Here are 3 of the targets I used:


Keep in mind, I haven’t shot a gun since 1994 when I was in Boot Camp for the Navy.  Even then I shot a whole 5 rounds of a .45 pistol at a much further distance if I recall correctly.  I scored “adequate” then.  Before that it was a .22 bolt-action rifle my step-dad got me that I just never had interest in.  I may have shot 10 rounds out of it in total?  My memory is fuzzy on my childhood at times.

So up until now I was never a gun kind of guy.  I think now it’s going to be my new thing.  I know at some point in the next few years I’ll upgrade to a Glock Concealed Carry.

I’m hoping to take the Concealed Carry class next month and get my permit after that.

There are still things I want to get.  Like a better holster and a super strong belt.  That and I should get me a new ball cap.

All in all, I enjoyed it very much 🙂


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