Death to Legion

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Death to LegionIt certainly was short lived.  My return to try Legion only lasted a mere two weeks.  I just cannot get into it.  I find myself bored out of my mind.  As a person who likes playing different characters and trying different things.  I couldn’t do it.  It’s an insane amount of work to not only level 7 characters, but 7 or more artifact weapons.  The new crafting, while more involved, isn’t worth the effort.  I’ve unsubscribed again.

Then there is the lack of community and team spirit.  Trade chat is so quiet now that Blizzard has instilled the auto silence for spamming.  If it isn’t for bad chat, it seems we have no chat at all.  Gloom, Despair and Agony Oh … uh.. them!

I agree with most of what Alexensual points out in his video below.

The worst part is, I tried to return to my legacy server Atlantiss.  Legion has bored me so much, I can’t even play there and enjoy myself.  I’ve no idea if this is the end for me and Warcraft once and for all.  Because I’ve said that same thing many times, only to find I’ve lied to myself.  So rather than repeat the lie, I’ll just let it run it’s course.  I’ve already tried a new game, Mad Max.  But new games are just so overly complicated now.  I just don’t enjoy them like I do the classics.  Though my determination still makes me look for something.  Perhaps Pantheon will turn out good.