Trying Legion

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WoW Logo LegionIt’s not like anyone couldn’t see the pattern I use.  A new expansion for World of Warcraft comes out.  I hate the changes, go play something else for 4-6 months.  Then when I’m discontent with where I chose to go…  I end up right back at playing on Blizzards servers once again.  Although this time I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it.

Sadly Blizzard has gone silent on their thoughts on actually bringing legacy servers to their players of old.  Private servers only hold so much charm when they are laden with bugs and script errors.  Quests you can’t complete and Dungeons you simply can’t finish unless you find a way to exploit past whatever is causing the issue.

I still can’t grasp the concept of these Artifact Weapons.  So with legendary weapons, will they be useless in the next expansion?  Also, will the next expansion be something to do with the Lich King again?  (it looks like Blizzard is rehashing old story lines now thanks to the time travel element)  I mean they left it open when Bolvar Fordragon took the helm.  Oh hey, let’s relocate Dalaran again.  Or perhaps have it crash and add to the story.

In any case, I restarted my account on Christmas day.  Sort of a gift to myself I suppose.  Though I understand for us Altoholics, life will be challenging.  Who knows.  Maybe this will push me back to single player games finally.  It’s not like anyone I gamed with 5 years ago is around anymore.  I did just pick up Mad Max on sale from Steam.  Although, the invitation is open to come play with me 🙂

Yes… it’s weird I play on a game with other people and yet play alone.