So my cardiologist said…

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DoctorSo I saw my cardiologist last week about the discomforts I’ve been feeling.  In the past two years I’ve had two angina attacks.  One per year.  On October 21st, I woke to having some rather radical heart palpitations.  Not to mention, my upper left shoulder has been numb for two weeks.

Thankfully a couple of visits to my chiropractor my shoulder is feeling better.  Still, I’ve been worried I may have more serious problems.  Of course waiting for a doctor appointment you think of all sorts of things.  Everything from medication adjustments, to having surgery to add a new stent, to open heart surgery or ending up unable to work.  None of which sound real good.

I spent a weekend wearing an ECG monitor.  They found nothing serious.  The heart palpitations were not any indication of a heart attack.  So I’m pretty much still just as I was.  So the doctor thinks.  We discussed my medications for Coronary Artery Disease.  My heart seems to be doing alright.  Still a bit enlarged.  So the doctor simply added a low cost cholesterol medication.  Even though I’ve been able to keep my cholesterol in check, he says the medication will help relax my arteries so that it may prevent palpitations.  He also switched me off Effient to Plavix to save me some money.  Thanks to Obama Care, the $250 Effient was only covered to an $80 copay.  Plavix should be a lot cheaper.  Though I haven’t tried it yet.  Still have 2 months of Effient.  Now if I could to something about the Ranexa I take.  It’s also $250/$80 copay.

While it’s not clear yet if I’ll need anything more, or if these new medications will help me as expected.  I’m assured some day I’ll need a new stent or two.  If I can avoid a more serious surgery, I’ll be happy.  I can say that the new cholesterol medication has made me feel sluggish so far.  I am told the effects can fade and I should feel more like I have the past 4 plus years.


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