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Atlantiss CataclysmIt would seem I have finally settled on a server to play World of Warcraft on.  It’s not a Lich King server as I had planned, but instead it’s a Cataclysm server.  Which in all honesty has a better qualities.  So many improvements over Vanilla, Burning Crusades and Lich King as far as the interface, skills and was when the client was able to do Directx 11 with updated water and textures.  Icing on the cake to that is being able to fly in the main lands.

It’s not hosted in the US, but then again, it’s not completely filled with immature nitwits either.  Sure there are some.  Every server will have them.  I feel more at home as well.  When Mists of Pandaria came out, it was be elite or be nothing.  Casuals like myself can go craft, pet battle or something.  It became incredibly hard to find anyone polite and willing to help a person learn things.  “Google”, was the number one answer to everything.  Followed by, “You’re an idiot.”, “Wowhead”, “YouTube” and “KYS”.  Which for some of you who may not know, KYS is internet gibberish for Kill YourSelf.  In a world up in arms over bullying, what an odd new meme.

Atlantiss isn’t without its issues to say the least, but they aren’t that many when you look at the whole picture.  Literally, you can look at the whole game world and figure out what works and what doesn’t.  They do well keeping their players informed and involved.  They listen to folks and despite the kids not getting a GM’s attention on demand, they do help players when they aren’t squashing bugs.

Sure I find it amusing to see an NPC float down the stairs or be stuck in a funny pose.  Nothing so far has been game stopping.  Everything essentially works.  Some quirks to be expected.

The pro’s and the cons:


  • Server up-time is impressive.  Not one crash or ounce of lag have I endured.
  • The game shop is not pay to win.  There is no items that give anyone an unfair advantage.
  • You can donate via PayPal.  Everyone else uses PaymentWall which is incredibly dodgy.
  • Low latency and handles a fairly high volume of players daily with no problems.
  • Bugs aren’t that many compared to the whole and they do work to fix them.
  • Mainly a helpful and friendly community.
  • Website is well laid out and works great.
  • Have been around for a few years.
  • You can play for absolutely free if you so choose.


  • Not in my timezone, so peak hours are during the morning for me.
  • Monetary exchange rate sucks, but this isn’t the fault of Atlantiss.
  • Armory works, but no images of characters.
  • Some quest lines can’t be completed at all.
  • World events are buggy (well.. to be fair, I’ve only seen Brewfest so far and I’m low level right now).

I think I’ve found a way to finally enjoy myself.  Time to strap in and make some friends and get back to playing they way I loved.  Still, I can’t help but be myself.  The altoholic.  Seven toons of fun 🙂


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